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From the Desk of Dan Radakovich – Dec. 2012

From the Desk of Dan Radakovich – Dec. 2012

Happy Holidays Tiger Fans!

It is great to finally be on the job!  I began my duties just after the Thanksgiving holiday and have been going full throttle each day since.  I have been impressed by the professionalism of the staff and look forward to meeting with the coaches and, most importantly, the student-athletes.

Our football program, led by Coach Swinney, has secured a berth in the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta.  Our opponent for the December 31 contest is the #7 ranked LSU Tigers.  I know that Clemson fans will want to be there supporting our student-athletes.

I hope to write many of these updates in the coming months, mostly to talk about the happenings within the Clemson Athletics program, but to also lend some understanding to various facets of the world of intercollegiate sports.  In this first installment, let’s tackle something that is directly in front of us – our bowl game.

Bowl games today are much different than many years ago.  To begin, each school is responsible for the sale of their allotment of tickets.  In this year’s case that is 18,000 for Clemson.  We use approximately 3,000 tickets for players, coaches and staff, leaving approximately 15,000 for public sale.  I know the Clemson fans will help us sell those tickets not only to support the team, but also to help our bottom line.  Unsold tickets become a cost of the game.  Other expenses for the Chick-fil-A bowl include transportation for the players, lodging and meals for seven nights at our team hotel  – the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta; transportation, lodging and meals for the Tiger Band and spirit squads for three nights in Atlanta; contracted additional compensation for our coaches and relevant staff, additional supplies and equipment, advertising and pre-bowl practices.

To help offset those expenses, the Atlantic Coast Conference allows each participating school a bowl stipend.  For the Chick-fil-A Bowl, that stipend is $1.1 million.  After the game, the revenue generated of approximately $3.8 million is distributed as follows:

  $3,800,000 to the ACC
$1,100,000 to Clemson for expenses
  $2,700,000 to the ACC Bowl Revenue share

Each of the ACC Bowl teams will contribute to the Bowl Revenue share which, in the Spring, will be equally divided among the 12 teams in the ACC as part of our year-end conference revenue distribution.

In recent years, it has become increasingly likely that a school will spend more than the allocated budget, depending, of course, on the bowl and the costs associated with that game.  As we look at this season’s game, it is likely that we will spend more than the allocation given to us by the ACC. We will then dip into the June conference revenue share to zero out this event.

How can you help?  Buy a ticket and attend the game…let’s support our student-athletes and continue the great Clemson tradition of following the Tigers at Bowl time.  This will be a great game against an outstanding opponent! 

Purchase your tickets today and enjoy ringing in the New Year with the Tigers.  Call 1-800-CLEMSON or visit our ticket site at

Thank you for all the kind emails and letters which greeted me upon my arrival at Clemson.  I am honored and humbled to lead the Tiger Athletics program.  I look forward to this spring’s IPTAY Prowl and Growl tour to meet many of you.

I welcome your comments at  Also, I am now on Twitter, @ClemsonDRad, and while I do not “tweet” with great regularity there will be, from time to time, some interesting information. Finally, while I cannot answer every email that is received, please know they will all be read and I appreciate your feedback and investment in our program.

Thanks!  and Go Tigers!

Dan Radakovich