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Friday Focus ? Nnoko & Djitte

Friday Focus ? Nnoko & Djitte

Clemson returns a pair of experienced players at the center position in junior Landry Nnoko and sophomore Sidy Djitte. The two combined to play almost 1,300 minutes in 2013-14 with the Tigers’ NIT semifinal team. Their continued development is a big emphasis during preseason workouts and heading into camp in October.

What did Nnoko think of his adidas Nations experience? What does he need to improve on the most heading into his third season? What does Djitte think of facing a player like Nnoko in each workout? What do both think of the Tigers’ chances as a team in 2014-15?

Click the YouTube link to see what the Tiger big men have to say about these topics and more in our second installment of Friday Focus.