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Educational Services

Athletic Academic Services’ comprehensive study hall program actively engages all student-athletes academically, to positively enrich student-athletes’ learning experience, and to empower all student-athletes to become independent life-long learners armed with a Clemson University degree.
Our Tutoring Services
Athletic Academic Services maintains a staff of more than 100 highly qualified tutors across a wide variety of academic disciplines. The tutors are an integral part of a team effort to help student-athletes succeed at Clemson University. Tutors work with individuals and small groups. Appointment notes are reviewed daily by Athletic Academic Services staff members.

Content Tutors:
Content Tutors demonstrate knowledge of subject matter and focus on specific subject content during tutoring sessions. Content Tutors help student-athletes develop strategies for learning specific content and guide them to become independent learners. In addition, Content Tutors encourage student-athletes by positively reinforcing their understanding of the material.
Mentors support student-athletes by assisting them with developing long-term plans using semester calendars, syllabi, and supplemental class documents.  In addition, Mentors guide student-athletes on time management, task management, and organizational strategies (especially as it relates to maintaining their notebooks for class).
Strategic Tutors:
Strategic Tutors, under the supervision of a learning specialist, guide student-athletes on time management, task management, and organizational strategies. More specifically, Strategic Tutors monitor student-athlete adherence to weekly study schedules while assisting students in developing study skills and learning strategies to use across the curriculum.
Learning Specialists:
The Learning Specialists provide intense academic support to student-athletes, focusing on strengthening academic skills through strategy instruction and development, and creating an environment conducive to the individual student-athlete’s learning needs and holistic development.
Academic Assessment: 
Whether a student-athlete arrives on campus with an existing psychological assessment report or if they are being referred for academic testing for the very first time, Athletic Academic Services partners with Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Disability Services, and professional third party psychologists (if necessary) to determine the most appropriate level of academic support.