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May 10, 2000

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Alan Browne, Clemson, S.C.

From what you saw in terms of facilities at UNC and Auburn, two schools that do well in recruiting, what do you think Clemson will or should build in order to keep up with the UNC’s and Auburn’s in terms of getting the big recruits?


Bobby Robinson’s Answer

I assume this question is related to football. We actually haven’t been to North Carolina although I have seen that facility. We have been to Auburn, Florida, and Georgia. There are three or four more schools that we will visit. It is a hard question to answer, every school has a little different take on it and every school has a little different offer there as far as what they have in place. We basically have as good a football stadium as anywhere. Our goal there is obviously to make it more fan-friendly and also to offer more amenities to the fans and the coaches and student-athletes. I think the main thing, once we do that is an indoor practice facility that we hope to start this summer, which will also be indoor track, indoor baseball and soccer.

The last one will obviously be the one I think Coach (Tommy) Bowden has talked about. That would be a football complex that would augment what we already have in place. What we have in place really is McFadden. McFadden is as good a building as any place we have been for what it has in it. That is really coaching offices, meeting rooms, and support areas. What it is lacking are things that are not included in that building. Specifically, an up-to-date locker room, a museum, a dedicated training room, a dedicated equipment room and a dedicated weight room. Those are the type of things we are really looking to do. I think when we do those, I really think we will be as good as anybody around.