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May 10, 2000

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William Blair, Brandon, Miss.

All Clemson fans are excited about the Tiger Pride campaign. Having served on the faculty at both MSU and Ole Miss, I am not convinced that even after the proposed additions that the Tigers baseball field will compare with either of these. My question: have you and the baseball staff, designers, etc, looked at any of the baseball stadiums in the SEC to see what the competition is playing in? MSU has recently added sky boxes to its field and in the Ole Miss stadium, every seat is chair back, reserved and half of the seats are covered. I’m sorry to say I have not had the opportunity to see a baseball game at Clemson in years, so my observations are based on photos in the O&W and games on TV. I do want to thank you for all you have done for Clemson athletics over the years…


Bobby Robinson’s Answer

The answer is we have hired an architect for this project. They are just beginning to work on it. The architect is HOK. We asked coach (Jack) Leggett to give us a laundry list of everything he would like to see in there. I did the same thing. Some other staff members did the same thing. We consolidated those lists and prioritized them internally. We sent them to the architect to begin looking at different options. I think our stadium right now is one of the better ones in college baseball. The last two years, it has been ranked as the seventh or eighth best college baseball stadium. There are some things that we would like to do that are pretty novel as far as the baseball team is concerned. I really think when we finish with our stadium, it will be as good as anybody we compete against. We do visit all the other schools. We have already visited several schools in the SEC and we are also going to visit some minor league ballparks that are brand new, such as in Charleston and Myrtle Beach, S.C. We feel like once we go through all that, we will have a pretty good design in mind and will be able to move forward.