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May 10, 2000

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Terry Long, Clemson, S.C.

After the proposed renovations to Littlejohn, how will it rank relative to other ACC arenas in your opinion? i.e. Best, Middle of the pack, Ect.


Bobby Robinson’s Answer

I think the best right now and in the future would be NC State. It is a brand new $160 million arena and the Dean Dome. The third would be Duke, just because of the tradition with the building. Maryland is getting ready to build a new facility. I think when we finish we will be up there with the rest of them and better than several of those. I think it will not match NC State’s arena , I don’t believe, or the Dean Dome. We know the reason is pure seats and for Maryland to spend $125 million on a new arena, I don’t believe it will match that one either. The rest of them we are right in the middle.