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May 10, 2000

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Charles Drawdy, II, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Who had the foresight or vision to do all the wonderful projects involved in the Tiger Pride Campaign? I am amazed at the all encompasing nature of them both functionally and architecturally. Congratulations!!!! And thank you for your leadership and devotion to Clemson athletics.


Bobby Robinson’s Answer

That is a combination of a lot of people. Our coaches and everybody including our staff and our administrative staff. Everybody has been involved in that. I think as we go around and look at different schools, like when we went to the baseball regional last year at Arkansas we saw all their facilities. When we went to the Super Regional at Texas A&M, we looked at all of their facilities. What you want to do is take the best of what everybody’s got and bring it back to you. That is really the way that everything evolved.