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May 10, 2000

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Carol Rikard, Lexington, S.C.

This may sound a little silly, however we have been collecting the cups from the home football games. We have cups from the very first time we came to a football game at Clemson in my cabinet as I am writing this e-mail. We also brought home cups from this season, but they have not lasted through 6 months of use. If Clemson has changed the manufacturer of these consession items, they should inquire about the durability of this product. In dicussion with other Clemson football goers I have found that they also have mentioned the fact that the cups have not lasted. My family will choose a Clemson cup out of my cabinet before they even consider using anything else. We also carry them to the ballpark for water when my son plays baseball or football, I use one at work and so forth. This is sort of a part of Clemson pride as is the IPTAY tag on my car. Please consider having this matter looked into for the fans of Clemson University and Clemson Athletics.


Bobby Robinson’s Answer

That is a good question and the answer is we did not change manufacturers, but we did change the way we do the cups. The old cups basically did not have a message on them other than Clemson Athletics. It was a corrugated cup, which means it wasn’t a smooth cup. When we changed to a round, smooth cup, we did that basically so we could put the Tiger Pride projects on the cup. So when you looked at it, you could see the proposed football facility and baseball and soccer improvements and everything else. It served its purpose, but you are right, when we did it the manufacturer said the cups would not last as long. We are looking at that. We have probably been through this for a year. People I think understand Tiger Pride and what we are trying to do and what we will do. I think we are probably going to look at going back to the old type cup. So I think that will answer your question. Hopefully we can give you more durability as far as the long lasting of the cup.