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May 10, 2000

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Whitney Owens, Marion, S.C.

Why can’t the athletic department coordinate the construction/expansion of Perimeter Road better than what has been proposed for September 2000? IPTAY has been asking for this for 20 years, at least, why now?


Bobby Robinson’s Answer

Good question, actually it is not Perimeter Road. It is really highway 93. We really don’t set those timetables or anything else. In fact, we didn’t really request this. This came really from the highway department and they are going to expand both ways out of Clemson going toward Seneca and toward Easley. The idea there obviously is to make it easier egress and access as far as attending the multitude of events at Clemson. We would prefer that they do it around our timetable, but to be honest with you it is such a long project that it really doesn’t make any difference when they start it. It is not going to be finished by the next football season, it is probably a two or three year project to finish the entire work. The parameters that they have given back to us, is that it will not interfere with game days. In other words, we have given them some certain dates and they will stop the construction and make sure that there are no problems as far as people getting to the games from those areas. It is a good question, but it is a long process. It is going to affect us whether we start it in June or whether we start it in September. We really think it is important and we are just happy that the highway department is going to do it for us.