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Douglas Named Interim Director of Clemson Student-Athlete Enrichment

Aug. 13, 2002

Clemson, SC – Bobby Douglas has been named Interim Director of Clemson’s Student-Athlete Enrichment Program. Clemson Senior Associate Athletic Director Bill D’Andrea made the announcement on Tuesday.

Douglas replaces D’Andrea who is now a Senior Associate Athletic Director directly under Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips. D’Andrea will still oversee the activities of Vickery Hall, but Douglas will supervise the day-to-day operations of the facility. D’Andrea will move his office from Vickery Hall to the Jervey Athletic Center. He had worked in Vickery Hall since it opened in 1991.

Douglas has been at Clemson since 1974 when he came to the school as a freshman and a member of the track team. He began his employment career at Clemson in December of 1978 when he became assistant equipment manager under Len Gough.

Douglas became head equipment manager in July of 1982, a position he held until February of 1991. Douglas then moved to Vickery Hall in 1991 where he was the personal growth and development, career, and community service coordinator. He served as tutor coordinator from 1993 to present and has also supervised the academic counseling of many teams during that time.

Douglas earned a bachelor of science degree in industrial education in May of 1979. He earned a master’s in education, counseling and guidance services in 1989. He is married to the former Ann Skelton and they have two children, daughter Mary (12) and son John (8).