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Donor Demand Continues to Drive Annual IPTAY Parking Assignments

Feb. 8, 2010

There are few places like Clemson when it comes to game-day parking and tailgating. We are blessed to have nearly 14,000 spaces that can be assigned to donors on an annual basis. Other than trips to the fairgrounds in Raleigh when Clemson plays NC State, few schools have the capacity that we have to get donors into their assigned spaces or lots for a day of tailgating with friends and family. Even with this many spaces, the annual assignment of parking for donors can create challenges as donors increase their level of giving and changes to campus limit space that has been available in the past.

As the February 15th pledge deadline gets closer and closer, the volume of calls and emails to our office increase asking the question “How much do I need to give to keep my parking space?” It is a perfectly legitimate question but one that can be difficult to answer. If you want to keep your tickets then there is a defined seat value that you must contribute to maintain the priority for those seats. I attempt to apply the same principles to parking projections. While no parking assignment is guaranteed, the chart below is a simple guide to what a donor can expect when making their giving decision or making their parking request in the spring on the football season ticket application. You will notice that the chart doesn’t differ that much from the 2009 chart but keep in mind that these are only projections and can change as we continue to receive donations for the 2010 IPTAY year.

At the risk of redundancy, it is important to note that it is the demand from our donors that drives the changes in annual parking assignments. The projections are based on our best estimates and trends in donations to this point in the 2010 IPTAY year. Of course the economic climate across the state, region and country continues to affect IPTAY contributions. However, there are those that find a way to maintain and increase their support and in return receive the benefit of that upgraded donation.

Please review the information below and let us know if you have any questions regarding your 2010 IPTAY contribution. Please call 864-656-2115 or email direct to

Heisman Donors: $10,000 North Lot, Ave of Champions (under the North stands), Fike Lot (Williamson Rd side)
Fike Donors: $7000 North Lot, Ave of Champions (under the North stands), Fike Lot (Fike side)
McFadden Donors: $5600 Centennial Blvd, Ave of Champions (Jervey to IPTAY), Williamson Woods (Gate 1 to the Cemetery)
Jervey Donors: $4200 East side of Littlejohn (tailgate show side), Centennial Blvd Lot,Williamson Rd near Gate 1 or Gate 5
IPTAY Donors: $2800 Lot 3 (north and west side), Press Box Extension, Centennial Extension, Heisman St*, Williamson Rd, Lot 8, Cemetery Hill, Motor Homes, Ravenel Rd, Lot 2, Lot 2A, Lot 5, ML#2, Heisman Lot*, Williamson Rd (near Fike or Lot 8), Dillard, Hunter Hall 1&2* and the AOC Lot
Howard Donors: $2100 Shotgun Alley, Lot 6, Lot 7 (numbered), Lot 1(area), ML#1, Jervey, Lot 3J (area), Doug Kingsmore Stadium, Klugh, Earle Hall, Gentry Hall,South Palmetto Blvd, Fort Hill St, Calhoun Drive* and Lot 3E
Tiger Donors: $1400 Lot 10, Lot 20, Lot 3A, Lot 12, Lee Hall
Champion Donors: $700 Lot 21, Lot 22, Lot 4, Sikes Hall, Lot 25, Brooks Center*
Orange Donors: $350 Lot 13, Lot 14, Strom Thurmond*
*Suggested donation can vary depending on priority point total and donor demand