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Did You Know: “Our Future is Now”

Did You Know: “Our Future is Now”

IPTAY is about creating excellence in every area by supporting the development of top-quality student-athletes both in the classroom and in their sports. A goal of the IPTAY fall membership campaign “Our Future is Now” is not only to grow membership but to educate the Clemson Family on the history of IPTAY and what we do as a fundraising organization. Below is a quick snapshot of the growth of IPTAY over the past eighty years since its founding in 1934.

– IPTAY membership for the first year (Nov./1934-Dec./1935) was 162 donors and contributions totaled $1,623.70.

– In 1972, IPTAY raised over $500,000 in donations.

– IPTAY was the first athletic fundraising organization in the country to top the two, three and four million dollar marks in annual donations. In 1983, IPTAY reached the 5 million dollar mark for the first time in history.

– In the fiscal year 2014, IPTAY raised a total of 32 million in annual, planned and major gifts and had 14,906 donors.

– As many of you know IPTAY provides funding for athletic scholarships, new and upgraded facilities and Vickery Hall, the student-athlete academic enrichment center. However, did you know that IPTAY also provides the largest academic endowment on campus to the general student body?

On behalf, of the entire IPTAY staff we appreciate all that each and every one of you does for IPTAY and Clemson Athletics. Without your support, none of the above mentioned achievements would have been possible. You are truly making a difference in the lives of nearly 500 Clemson student-athletes and for that we are grateful!

To join or renew for IPTAY 2015 and participate in the fall membership campaign “Our Future is Now”, please click HERE. To learn more about the details of the “Our Future is Now” campaign, call 1-800-CLEMSON or click HERE