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Date Set For 3rd Annual IPTAY Collegiate Club Spring Party

March 14, 2002

The 3rd Annual IPTAY Collegiate Club Spring Party is set for April 4th, 2002.

This year The Tams, a nationally known oldies/shag band, will entertain all Collegiate Club members and their guests. Plans for the evening also include fabulous door prizes and visits from our coaches and players.

Last year’s party was enjoyed by students who came to dance, have fun, and meet our football, soccer, and basketball teams.

The party will be held this year at the Hendrix Center Pavilion. The fun begins at 7:00pm and will last until 10:00pm. Keep your eyes open for more details on the greatest party of the year!

Come join us for the fun, the food, the dancing and the prizes. Best of all its FREE!! All students are welcome to come here the band.

IPTAY Collegiate Club members are invited inside (Ballrooms A & B) for free food and a chance to meet players and coaches.