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Date and Theme Set for 54th Annual Tigerama Homecoming Pep Rally

Date and Theme Set for 54th Annual Tigerama Homecoming Pep Rally

April 7, 2010

CLEMSON, SC – The Blue Key Honor Society is proud to announce the 54th annual Tigerama Homecoming pep rally theme, “Roaring Horizons,” held at Littlejohn Coliseum on Friday, October 1, 2010.

With the start of a new decade, and as Coach Dabo Swinney has said, “The best decade of Clemson football,” Clemson is on a journey of progression, of forward movement, of growth and of conquering the challenges that stand before us. Through Tigerama 2010 the Clemson family will look to acknowledge the new decade and forward thinking of Clemson by celebrating past events that have brought us to where we are today and what will be echoed on into our future. Clemson University has many stories and traditions that a majority of students and alumni never hear about. They graduate not fully appreciating what makes Clemson truly one of the most unique colleges in the country.

“As Clemson approaches a new decade, you can be sure it will change with bold vision and more big ideas. But it will do so, as it always has, while remaining rooted in an amazing family tradition. The balance of these two distinct forces — change and tradition — will continue to make Clemson the university you’re proud of and the alma mater you love,” said a recent article in Clemson World. With that President Barker also recently said that, “There’s real value in getting started again and again – a constant state of beginning.”

For all of Clemson, our horizons are orange, no matter what changes are before us. It’s the time of the Tiger. And as tigers, we are naturally courageous fighters, both gracious and brave. Every student – past and present – have taken their experiences from Clemson and used that knowledge to serve beyond These Hills, just as Thomas Green Clemson and many legends since have envisioned. This is the Year of the Tiger, the time for Clemson to reach out on our horizons for our roaring triumph to be heard. This year is the year, Tigerama 2010 – Roaring Horizons. Tigerama is one of the largest student-run pep rallies in the nation and is looked forward to every year as a well-loved Clemson tradition. Clemson’s chapter of Blue Key Honor Society is responsible for planning and directing the event. This year’s Tigerama Director is Helen Oxner, a junior Marketing major from Greenville, South Carolina.