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Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Oct. 11, 2006

Tiger Fans:

Recently, Clemson University was recognized by the Division I-A Athletic Directors for the Solid Orange concept and Sportsmanship Initiative. Truly, this is a distinct honor that everyone can feel they have contributed toward and take pride in Clemson’s recognition of this award.

In all of our televised broadcasts this year, as well as the past few years, the announcers have made note of the great atmosphere at Clemson and the sea of orange among all our fans. These comments are repeatedly supported by the TV broadcasters, particularly in the Orlando Champs Bowl, and most recently at Florida State and Wake Forest. Anything that dilutes Solid Orange certainly impacts our brand. A solid sea of orange creates a tremendous venue for our players, prospects, national television, and helps sell Clemson with a consistent message game after game.

Solid Orange is a commitment that demonstrates when our Clemson teams walk onto the field of competition, a sea of orange is visible and a competitive advantage is present. Our goal is to continue to send a powerful message to recruits (regardless of sport) that Clemson is committed to excellence. We recruit 365 days a year for Clemson, regardless if it is athletically or academically, and by embracing the Solid Orange concept, it only enhances our recruiting opportunities.

Over the past few days, we have received several requests from loyal and dedicated Clemson students and fans asking us to promote wearing purple for the upcoming football games. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm and excitement that this idea brings to the Clemson Family, and hope that this energy can be directed toward Clemson reaching our ultimate goal of everyone in our athletic venues adhering to a Solid Orange concept! The Solid Orange concept is a unique signature nationally to Clemson and helps endorse our entire Athletic Program.

“Clemson Memorial Stadium and its sea of orange fans is one of the most recognized images of college football. Our administration has done an outstanding job of creating this atmosphere, especially in recent years. It stands for a united Clemson and we will need that electricity when we play a top 15 Georgia Tech team on October 21,” says Tommy Bowden, Head Football Coach.

Whenever prospective students are in any of our athletic venues, or simply watching on television, they need to feel the Clemson experience is something that generates excitement and pride. This experience not only creates tradition, but it helps prospective student-athletes choose Clemson as the institution to continue their athletic and academic aspirations.

Please know how much we appreciate the thoughts, support, and enthusiasm of all Clemson fans. We ask that our fans continue their efforts to be dressed in orange, Solid Orange…It’s About Pride!

In Solid Orange, Terry Don Phillips Athletic Director