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Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Nov. 30, 2007

Yesterday I sent an e-mail and posted on our website my expression that we did not condone the billboard on I-26 in Columbia. There have been reaction on both sides of this issue. While I still hold the basic opinion that was expressed, I should have stated that I recognize that in a rivalry such as this–both sides, whenever the opportunity presents itself, are going to take shots at one another. And, not necessarily because of poor sportsmanship-but, rather, that’s the nature of the rivalry. Accordingly, I do owe a public apology to the Jackson family and to those that took offense. Even though I stand by my initial reasoning regarding sportsmanship issues, I recognize that my action was a mistake in how I handled this issue as well as the wording of the message.

Again, my apology.

Terry Don Phillips