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Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

April 17, 2007

The West End Zone is a significant improvement in the infrastructure for our football program. It has created a quality environment for our program and supports our football recruiting efforts. Also, it has added to the environment of an already great stadium.

Beyond that, it is a very significant step for our men’s and women’s Olympic sports programs. Presently we find our Olympic sports in very cramped quarters – whether it be offices, team meeting rooms or locker rooms.

When football vacates McFadden and moves into the West End Zone, that will free up significant space that we can reconvert into quality space for our men’s and women’s Olympic sports. It will enable us to provide quality offices, meeting rooms and locker rooms for our coaches and student-athletes.

By football moving into the West End Zone and having their own strength and conditioning center, the strength and conditioning facility at Jervey can then be devoted to our Olympic sports. That will provide better scheduling and better training opportunities for those programs. All in all, it will mean a much better environment for our athletes in all other sports. It will enhance our overall recruiting efforts as well. The West End Zone is a total sports effort.

In Solid Orange, Terry Don Phillips Athletic Director