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Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Feb. 6, 2007

Dear Clemson,

IPTAY has been hailed for its ability to provide access to higher education for student-athletes from all walks of life. As a result of the contributions of many supporters, Clemson Athletics is able to fully-fund, up to the NCAA limit, scholarships for each of its 19 sport programs. This ability is not a given at all BCS-level schools, and it reflects on Clemson’s commitment to excellence in all that we endeavor.

Further evidence of that commitment to excellence can be seen in the support programs made available to Clemson’s student-athletes. Challenges for many students do not disappear when they earn a scholarship and gain access to Clemson. In addition to the traditional time constraints of classes, practices, competitions, strength training, and medical treatment that fill their schedules, recently-passed NCAA degree progress legislation and our Top 20 initiatives have made academic work more demanding for student-athletes at Clemson. To assist student-athletes in persisting through to graduation by managing the many academic demands and time constraints that fill their schedules, IPTAY should be applauded for its financial support of Vickery Hall. IPTAY contributions are truly significant in terms of the success of Clemson’s overall sports program, but maybe even more significant in terms of the success of Clemson’s individual student-athletes.

There were many success stories this past Fall as Clemson’s student-athletes posted a 2.80 GPA. A large number of student-athletes experienced individual success in the classroom, including the 228 who were named to the academic honor roll, the 122 who were named to the dean’s list, and the 39 who were named to the president’s list. In addition, there were over 20 student-athletes who graduated in December.

I want to extend my appreciation to IPTAY supporters for their tremendous support of Clemson Athletics, funding of scholarships, and funding of Vickery Hall. I would also like to acknowledge the important role of the Vickery Hall staff in the academic success of Clemson’s student-athletes. Under the supervision of Becky Bowman, the seven academic advisors and two learning specialists (listed below) at Vickery Hall have enabled student-athletes to navigate through an ever-changing academic environment with an unwavering level of success.

Thanks to all who support and enable the academic success of Clemson’s student-athletes!

In Solid Orange, Terry Don Phillips Athletic Director

Vickery Hall Staff: Becky Bowman – Director

Academic Advisors: Lawson Clary (Football, Men’s Tennis) Wayne Coffman (Football, Golf) Bobby Douglas (Baseball, Men’s Soccer) Priscilla Kanet (Rowing, Women’s Tennis) Leslie Moreland (Women’s Basketball, Rowing) Ginty Porter (Swimming) Melvin Robinson (Men’s Basketball, Men’s Track) Samantha Sweeney (Women’s Soccer, Women’s Track, Volleyball)

Learning Specialists: Helen Bailey Maria Herbst