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Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Solid Orange/One Clemson is the advancement of the principle adopted by the University and utilized by Athletics to create significant awareness of the Solid Orange/One Clemson principle, which promotes unity, spirit and oneness with the Clemson Family.

Each year Solid Orange events are designated and scheduled. In this column, I want to explain more about what these events are about.

First, it is an opportunity — particularly with our Olympic sports — to promote an event or game so that people can see an event they might not otherwise see. It helps bring attention to an event that may not be as widely publicized as some sports which receive a great deal of attention in the media.

The primary catalyst for designating one event is to bring attention to that sport and the athletes who are participating.

Hopefully, it will attract people to the venue so that they can see the quality of the competition and the quality of the young people competing. We hope it will spark an interest.

We also use the standard Solid Orange/One Clemson surcharge of $2. That surcharge is put into a Solid Orange/One Clemson account that the University uses at their discretion.

For example, it may be used to assist in recruiting faculty or to help with the National Concrete Canoe competition that was held on campus. That money also helps support other student activities, such as the Solid Orange Sportsmanship initiative.

In essence, it is an opportunity to create a discretionary fund that the administration can use in the overall mission of the university, to increase awareness and excitement for events that do not normally receive much media attention and to expose people to some outstanding student-athletes and sports.

We strongly urge people to attend some of these events that they might not ordinarily attend. I think they will be surprised at the enjoyment that they would receive.

In Solid Orange,

Terry Don Phillips Clemson Athletics Director

Upcoming Solid Orange EventsEvent – Date (Opponent) Cross Country Meet – Sept 9 Men’s Soccer – Sept. 15 (North Carolina) Women’s Soccer – Sept. 28 (North Carolina) Football – Nov. 25 (South Carolina) Women’s Basketball – Jan. 18 (Florida State) Indoor Track Meet – Jan. 20 Swimming – Jan. 27 (NC State) Men’s Basketball – Feb. 17 (Maryland) Men’s Tennis – Mar. 24 (Duke) Women’s Tennis – Mar. 25 Outdoor Track Meet – Apr. 7 Rowing – TBA Baseball – Apr. 11 (South Carolina)