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Compliance Violations Other Schools

December 12, 2000- University of Nevada Las Vegas

Violation Summary: A representative of the university’s athletics interests made impermissible in-person and telephone recruiting contacts with a prospective student-athlete. Further, the representative provided cash to the prospect on numerous occasions totaling approximately $5,600. A representative of the university’s athletics interests provided cash payments to a prospective student-athlete and an enrolled men’s basketball student-athlete. An assistant men’s basketball coach and a men’s basketball manager provided improper recruiting inducements to a prospective student-athlete. The assistant coach also provided the use of rented moving truck free of cost to two prospective student-athletes. Unethical conduct found against a student-athlete. Failure to monitor concerning a representative of the university’s athletics interests.

March 5, 1997- University of Georgia

Violation Summary: IMPROPER RECRUITING: improper recruiting contacts made by and inducements provided by an athletics representative when he obtained high-school transcripts for university coaches, made improper in-person or telephone contact with prospective student-athletes, provided cash and meals to prospective student-athletes on numerous occasions, and paid for or provided cash to prospective student-athletes to attend the university’s football camp and to visit the institution’s campus; and football student-athletes had improper recruiting contact with a prospective student-athlete at the direction of a coaching staff member. EXTRA BENEFITS: an athletics representative paid at least $7,000 for tutition, room, board and spending money to a walk-on student-athlete.

November 26, 1996- Weber State University

Violation Summary: EXTRA BENEFITS, IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING: coaching staff members assisted student-athlete with his enrollment in and helped pay for correspondence courses. IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING: coaching staff permitted two athletics representatives to have recruiting contacts with a prospective student-athlete; head coach assisted the prospective student-athlete with tuition costs for correspondence courses and arranged a tutor at no cost; coaches arranged for a proctor and assisted with obtaining and returning course materials; head coach allowed prospective student-athlete to stay in his home for one or two days; head coach arranged for two prospective student-athletes to have recruiting contact with an athletics representative; assistant coach mailed papers for a correspondence course on behalf of a student-athlete; head coach provided host money to prospective student-athlete, which was used to post bail for student-athlete; employment of prospective student-athlete in summer camp. ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY: improper certification of and awarding of financial aid to ineligible student-athletes. UNETHICAL CONDUCT. LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL. SECONDARY VIOLATIONS.

November 20, 1996- University of Lousville

Violation Summary: PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT: student-athlete received extensive personal use of automobile and cost for removing stereo system from summer employer. EXTRA BENEFITS: athletics representative provided an automobile, insurance and payment of parking tickets; athletics representative cosigned credit application and provided transportation and meal; improper cash payment to student-athlete by a coach. IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING: improper telephone and in-person recruiting contacts by athletics representative with knowledge of members of the coaching staff; impermissible telephone calls to prospective student-athletes.

September 16, 1996- Michigan State University

Violation Summary: UNETHICAL CONDUCT: athletics student advisor assisted student-athletes in obtaining academic credit. EXTRA BENEFITS: athletics representatives provided cash, employment at a higher wage, meals, travel arrangements for family member, use of an automobile and assistance with an automobile rental. IMPROPER RECRUITING: athletics representatives provided transportation, cash, tickets to football game, lodging, meals; improper recruiting contacts; two official visits to a prospective student-athlete. LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL. SECONDARY VIOLATIONS.

November 17, 1994- University of Mississippi

Violation Summary: IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING: improper contacts by athletics representatives; transportation, lodging, clothing and entertainment provided by athletics representatives during official visits; offer of automobile, money and airline tickets; entertainment outside 30-mile radius during official visit; impermissible comments regarding prospective student-athlete. EXTRA BENEFITS: clothing valued at $200-300; impermissible loan; use of staff member’s automobile. UNETHICAL CONDUCT. LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL. [UPHELD ON APPEAL.]

July 12, 1994- University of Washington

Violation Summary: AMATEURISM, EXTRA BENEFITS: athletics representatives overcompensated numerous student-athletes by at least $30,000 in summer wages; meals. IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING: athletics representative provided meals and excessive compensation for employment; athletics representative made improper offer of extra benefits for signing with the institution; impermissible recruiting contacts by athletics representatives; extra hotel amenities on official visits. FINANCIAL AID: excessive financial aid awarded as a result of employment. LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL.

June 21, 1994- Wake Forest University

Violation Summary: IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING: improper recruiting contacts and assistance by athletics representative on numerous occasions; provision of transportation, lodging, meals, telephone, clothing and financial arrangements by athletics representative; tryouts; excessive official visits.

January 5, 1994- Texas A&M University

Violation Summary: AMATEURISM, IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING and EXTRA BENEFITS: athletics representative provided $17,920 in unearned wages to nine student-athletes. LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL. REPEAT VIOLATOR.

March 29, 1993- St. Bonaventure University

Violation Summary: IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING: athletics representative involved in recruiting. EXTRA BENEFITS: transportation to student-athlete’s father; free long distance telephone; use of graduate assistant’s home for entertainment. IMPERMISSIBLE CONDITIONING ACTIVITIES: out-of-season practice. UNETHICAL CONDUCT.

November 18, 1991- Auburn University

Violation Summary: BASKETBALL — IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING: offer to assist in obtain automobile loan; improper and excessive recruiting contacts; contacts by athletics representatives; meals for high-school coach; gift and offer of employment to family members. UNETHICAL CONDUCT. EXCEEDING COACHING LIMITATIONS. TENNIS — EXTRA BENEFITS: transportation, lodging and meals to family members; cash loans; use of automobile. UNETHICAL CONDUCT. ERRONEOUS CERTIFICATION OF COMPLIANCE.

November 4, 1991- Texas A&M University

Violation Summary: IMPERMISSIBLE RECRUITING: free lodging, transportation and meals during prospective student-athlete’s official visit provided to athletics representative and arranged by head coach; free transportation to prospective student-athlete; allowing athletics representative to recruit prospective student-athletes on numerous occasions; cash loan to prospective student-athlete. UNETHICAL CONDUCT. REPEAT VIOLATOR.

June 7, 1991- Simpson College

Violation Summary: EXTRA BENEFITS: athletics representative provided loans, lodging and meals to a student-athlete.

May 22, 1990- Robert Morris College

Violation Summary: EXTRA BENEFITS: athletics representative paid monthly payments on a loan and cosigned promissory note for student-athlete; ineligible student-athlete received meal money. IMPROPER FINANCIAL AID: exceeded the maximum amount of grants-in-aid. IMPROPER ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATION: permitted competition by ineligble student-athlete. LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL.