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Compliance Update 09-01-06

NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse – Clemson Admissions

As we start the new academic year, this is a great time to remind Clemson Fans of the importance of NCAA compliance.  Over the past couple of months, several athletic departments are facing severe penalties for a lack of NCAA compliance.  Those penalties include recruiting, scholarship and competition restrictions.  In most circumstance, the penalties could have been avoided.

As a member of the ACC and NCAA, we are responsible for the actions of our coaches, staff, and representatives of athletics interest (i.e. IPTAY member, Alumni, Fans, etc.).  Representatives of athletics interest are prohibited from being involved in any prospect recruiting activities.  Examples include contacting, writing, or calling a prospect, prospect’s relatives or legal guardians, high school coach and any member associated with the prospect. 

In addition, NCAA rules prohibit representatives of athletics interest from providing a prospects and student-athletes an extra benefits.  Examples of extra benefits include providing cash or loans, cosigning a loan, providing gifts/ discounts of any kind, use of automobile and paying for work not actually performed.  Many student-athletes have lost their eligibility due to accepting an extra benefit.

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