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Early signing period for all sports except football andsoccer begins 7 a.m. (local time) November 9 and runs until November 16.






Compliance Services is on the move. Completion of the new women’s basketballoffices is slated for late November. Ifall goes according to plan, Compliance Services will move into the officescurrently occupied by women’s basketball in early December.


New Assignments


In an effort to improve efficiency, each sport at Clemsonhas been assigned to either Stephanie or Jess as a direct contact forcompliance related issues. Here is thecomplete listing of sports and their new contact:


Steph- Men’s Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Women’sTennis, Women’s Soccer, Rowing, Men’s Tennis


Jess- Football, Women’s Basketball, Volleyball,Men’s Soccer, Women’s Track, Men’s Track, Men’s and Women’s Swimming

Staff Designation Forms


If you have not already, pleasecomplete and return your “Staff Designation Form” to Compliance Services.


Forms Available On-Line


The following forms are nowavailable on-line for coaches to print off and fill out: Practice Log,Telephone Log, Squad List Change Form.


New Staff Members


If you have any newcoaches on your respective staffs that have not taken the NCAA Recruiting Exam,please have those new coaches contact Stephanie Ellison to set up a time totake the exam. Here is a link to thepractice exam:



NLI News and Notes


— Please keep in mind, it is not appropriate forprospects to sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI) as a ceremonial gesturewhen there is not an athletics offer of aid accompanying the NLI. Failure to have an offer of aid accompanyingan NLI signing will render the institution in violation of the expectations ofthe NLI program and may be subject to sanctions from the NLI SteeringCommittee.





— In accordance with NLI Provision 11, prospectswho are not yet 21 must have a parent/legal guardian cosigner to the NationalLetter of Intent. In the event that such an individual is not available(incarcerated, death, etc.), it is permissible for another, Steering Committeeapproved individual to act as cosigner. The “fill-in” must beapproved by the Committee prior to the prospect signing the NLI. Therefore, anyrequests for permissible cosigners need to be made ASAP to the NLI office forreview and decision.


— In accordance with NLI Provision 14, allNational Letters of Intent must be filed in the conference office no more than21 days from the date of final signature. The NLI program does permitconference administrators to accept faxed or e-mailed documents to meet thisdeadline.


— In accordance with the NLI AdministrativeGuidelines and Interpretations, it is the responsibility of the signinginstitution to notify a prospect when his or her National Letter of Intent isnot valid. This notification, which must be copied to the conference office andin writing, should be made no more than 5 business day from when then decisionis made regarding the status of the NLI.


— In accordancewith NLI Provision 2, a National Letter of Intent must be provided with anoffer of athletics aid applicable for one full academic year (two semesters orthree quarters). NLIs with offers of aid for one semester or two quartersshould not be validated by the conference office. Furthermore, the financialaid agreement offered at the time of signing must be valid in order for theNational Letter of Intent to be valid.


EMAIL and the NLI


Language was addedto the 2006-2007 National Letter of Intent (NLI) to permit the use of e-mail asan acceptable method to deliver an NLI to a prospective student-athlete.


The prospect whoreceives an NLI issued via e-mail is held to the following expectations:


1.       Two copies ofthe NLI, along with two copies of the financial aid agreement, must still besent to the prospect.


2.       It ispermissible for the institution to use e-signatures on the Director ofAthletics (or designee) line of the NLI.


3.       A prospectmust still print and sign “pen to paper” with his or her parent/legalguardian the NLI. It is NOT permissible for a prospect to use an e-signature tocomplete the NLI.


4.       If a prospectchooses to scan a signed NLI for return via e-mail to the institution, one ofthe originals should still be regular-mailed back to the signing institution