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Compliance Newsletter

Compliance Newsletter

Volume 3, Issue 6March 2001


Clemson Update

Remaining test dates

for Spring 2001:



March 31, 2001 · April 7, 2001 May 5, 2001 · June 9, 2001· June 2, 2001

Preliminary dates for the Fall of 2001 and Spring of 2002 (continued):

October 13, 2001 · October 27, 2001 · November 3, 2001 · December 8, 2001 · December 1, 2001 · February 9, 2001 · January 26, 2002 · April 6, 2002 · March 16, 2001 · May 4, 2002 · June 1, 2001


Amateur Deregulation

The NCAA’s Division I Academics/Eligibility/Compliance Cabinet made recommendations to the current amateurism deregulation proposal. The cabinet has forwarded these changes to the Division I Management Council for it’s April 9-10 meeting. These recommendations include:

Removing mens’ and women’s basketball from the current amateur deregulation proposals for a two-year period to study the sports’ unique issues and develop regulations.

Not allowing propects who play a sport sponsored by their high school to accept compensation in that sport until after high school graduation.

Restrict acceptance of education expenses to those who enroll in post-high school preparatory education.


Black Tiger Applicants

For all prospects who have received a “black tiger” application, a decision about whether they receive athletics aid must be made by Monday, April 2. If they do not receive aid, they must be received as other prospective students.

Recent Interpretations

Q. May a student-athlete/team receive meal money from Clemson if a meal is provided from tournament host?

A. Yes, provided the student-athletes do not receive a meal allowance for that meal. (Official Interpretation, NCAA, October 5, 1995)

Q. Who may pick up a prospect at the airport and provide transportation to campus for an official visit?

A. Any member of the athletics depart ment staff, who is employed in the athletics department. (NCAA Staff, October 14, 1998)

Q. May a prospect who has signed an NLI with Clemson use Vickery Hall, weight room and training room?

A. Yes. (NCAA, Official Interpreta tion, April 2, 1987)

Q. When picking a prospect up from their home in a coach’s automobile to initiate the official visit, is it permissible to provide the prospects’ parent a ride?

A. No, parents of a prospect may not ride in the coach’s automobile if coach is picking prospect up from prospect’s home for an official visit. (NCAA Staff, August 17, 1988)


Compliance Mission Statement

Compliance services will assist Clemson University and fans in understanding and abiding by the rules and regulations of the national athletic association.


We believe that each person who accessess compliance services should be treated with respect and courtesy.

We believe that the compliance services staff is a team of professionals that provide Clemson university with a valuable service. Because of the nature of the work within compliance services, our team members are committed to professional conduct with the highest degree of integrity and good faith, conducting their work within the strictest confidence and conscious of due process for those they serve.

We believe that our services should be provided in an efficient manner and without delay.