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Compliance Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 9 June 2001

Compliance Newsletter

Volume 3, Issue 9 June 2001

Clemson Reminders


Review weekly admission/eligibility reports for prospect status.

Incoming prospects cannot take the university math placement tests until they have been fully accepted.

Head coaches need to schedule their team’s form administration and NCAA rules education meeting with compliance services by July 18.

Coaches who did not submit their 2001-02 schedule with theirseason declaration form must submit it to compliance services byJuly 10.


New Legislation Update


Bylaw All non-NCAA or NAIA institutions do not have to certify in writing that they have an objection to a transferring student being granted an exception to the transfer residence requirement.

Bylaw Clemson may provide or arrange for the following miscellaneous benefits for a student-athlete:

The use of a return ticket at anytime after conclusion of a foreign tour.

Participation in receptions and festivities associated with championship, conference tournaments or all-star events hosted by and conducted on Clemson’s campus.

Occasional meals to team members provided by the parent of a student-athlete at any location.

Telephone calls in emergency situations as approved by the director of athletics.

Reasonable tokens of support and transportation in the event of serious injury, serious illness or death of a family member and transportation to attend the funeral of any family member.

Fundraisers for student-athletes (or their immediate family members) under these extreme circumstances:

(See compliance for explanation).

The payment of admission costs or a meal for any student-athletes being honored at a non-athletics ceremony.

Bylaw Added methylenedioymetlhamphetamine, MDMA,(ecstasy) to the list of banned substances under the category of”stimulants.”


NCAA Committee on Infractions

New Mexico State University

University’s head coach and assistant coach entered into a verbal agreement to hire a JUCO coach if two prospective student-athletes from JUCO coachs’ team would commit to attend the university.

Assistant coach (former JUCO coach) arranged for and assisted in the fraudulent completion of correspondence coursework for the two prospective student-athletes.

Student-athletes were certified eligible based on academic fraud and competed while ineligible.

Assistant coach (former JUCO coach) provided cash, meals and lodging to prospective student-athletes.

Impermissible tryout of an international prospect on institutions’ campus.

Coaching staff acted contrary to the principles of ethicalconduct when interviewed by NCAA. KnightCommission Recommendations


Recent recommendations from the Knight Commission include:

Barring teams that do not graduate at least 50% of their players from post-season competition.

Reallocating NCAA revenue to institutions based on an institutions academic performance.

Reducing Division I-A football scholarships.

Encouraging the NBA and NFL to develop minor leagues.

Banning legal gambling on college athletics.

Establishing a coalition of presidents with the American Council on Education to pursue a reform agenda.

Create an independent “watchdog” body to monitor big-timecollege sports programs.


Recent Interpretation

Q. Is it permissible for Clemson to pay medical expenses for a student-athlete who was injured during “freeplay” during the summer?

A. It is not permissible to pay a student-athlete’s medical expenses for “freeplay”. It would be permissible if a strength coach was present and conducting workouts that were voluntary for team members. NCAA Bylaw 16.4.1


Compliance Mission Statement

Compliance services will assist Clemson University and fans inunderstanding and abiding by the rules and regulations of thenational athletic association.


We believe that each person who accessess compliance servicesshould be treated with respect and courtesy.

We believe that the compliance services staff is a team of professionals that provide Clemson university with a valuable service. Because of the nature of the work within compliance services, our team members are committed to professional conduct with the highest degree of integrity and good faith, conducting their work within the strictest confidence and conscious of due process for those they serve.

We believe that our services should be provided in an efficient manner and without delay.