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COMPLIANCE NEWSLETTER Vol. 4 Nos. 8 & 9 May-June, 2002


Vol. 4 Nos. 8 & 9 May-June, 2002










NCAA Coaches Certification Test 100 Club! Congratulations tothe following who had a perfect score on the NCAA test: BurtonBurns, Jim Davis, Sam Dixon, Curtis Franklin, Hugh Garner, KathyGentry, Anita Holder, Jolene Hoover, Andy Johnston, StephanieLeggett, John Lovett, Andy McMahon, Kristen Palmer, Brad Scott,Lynn Sparks, Robbie Stewart, Rick Stockstill and KarenWeatherington.



Eric Wood is settled into the NCAA. His email is



Joe Crosby and Shauna Cobb have accepted graduateassistantships with compliance services this fall. They will startin mid-August.



Season declarations for 2002-03 are missing for: swimming,men’s tennis, women’s basketball and men’s and women’s track. Duedate was June 19.



Admission/Eligibility Lists: We are providing every week on Friday afternoon. Please be attentive to your prospects’ progress through the IEC and office of admissions – “comment” section will provide key information for you. Coaches keep prospects on the move in the process! If you have questions let us know.



2002-03 Student-Athlete Meetings: Head coaches need to schedule compliance meeting for next year! Those meetings must be held before first practices – see Anita to schedule. Meetings will be held in Vickery Hall this year.





In sports other than football and men’s and women’s basketball,telephone calls to prospects, their parents or legal guardians maynot be made until July 1 following the completion of the prospect’sjunior year in high school.



Summer recruiting in the sport of men’s and women’s basketballis limited to three coaches off-campus at one time. However, newlegislation allows the fourth coach to recruit off-campus when oneof the three returns to campus.









Q. A parent has requested that one of our coaches

provide lessons for their child who is entering the 11th grade. Is it permissible?

A. No. There are only two ways for our coaches to

work directly with prospects: (1) prospect is enrolled in camp or clinic and our coach is employed as an instructor; (2) prospect is a member of a local sport club and lives within 50 miles of Clemson and coach is employed by club (does not apply to basketball).


Is it permissible to provide a post-game snack if team had apre-game meal?



Yes, provided the team does not exceed three meals and a snackfor the day of competition.



Can a camp allow a prospect to attend a portion of the camp ata prorated cost?



Yes, provided the camp is publicized having that option –include in brochure and when responding to questions about camp.



Student-athlete’s eligibility is exhausted. Can they work inthe athletics department for a wage?



Yes, earnings do not count toward squad list totals.



Is it permissible to employ a consultant to help a team addressareas outside the coaching staff’s expertise?



Absolutely, provided the sport supervisor approves and providedthe consultant does not: (a) attend practice or games; (b) have anydirect contact with student-athletes; (c) provide an analysis tostudent-athletes about skill. The consultant may view folder ofstudent-athletes performing and provide help to the coaching staff.



Why are Clemson’s secondary violations published in thenewspapers?


A. Routinely Clemson receives “Freedom of Information” (FOI) requests for this information. We have to provide because of South Carolina’s state laws about disclosure. We redact information from the report that would allow it to be directly attributed to a staff member. So far, we have not been tested to identify personnel or sports. Before releasing reports, President Barker, the Board of Trustees and the athletics director are informed.