Community Relations Feature: George Bennett

Community Relations Feature: George Bennett

May 30, 2011

Giving tours of the athletic facilities at Clemson hasn’t always fallen on George Bennett’s list of responsibilities. In fact, the opportunity came to Bennett by accident several years ago when a group of children arrived at the Athletic Department expecting to take a tour of the facilities. Bennett crossed paths with the administrative assistant who was frantically searching for someone to give the tour, and he offered to give it a shot.

As it turned out, Bennett is the man for the job. His roots run deep in Clemson tradition and his ties with the school began well before he entered as a student in 1951. For example, he can recall learning how to drive a tank on the land that now serves as valuable parking for football fans and the training site for many Clemson student-athletes. Although the university has done a great job of using countless photographs and displays to depict the rich history of the school throughout the athletic facilities, these would be of little value to outsiders without Bennett’s in-depth knowledge and personal ties to Clemson.

Today, Bennett is truly a blessing to fans and alumni who want to pass along the school’s history and traditions to the next generation of the Clemson family. The week of May 16, he gave tours to over 700 children visiting Clemson, bringing his total to nearly 3,000 individuals for the school year. In addition to school groups, Bennett gives tours to service clubs and alumni groups.

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