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Collegiate Club Rewards System

IPTAY Collegiate Club Rewards System

This new program will be a great way to earn some Clemson gear and even have the opportunity to win a PAID hotel and tickets to the ACC Men’s or Women’s Basketball Tournament!

The goal of this program is to increase the Collegiate Club’s attendance at all Clemson sports. Here’s how:

Point Values: Each of the following sports will be assigned a point value:

– Women’s Basketball – 2 points – Men’s Basketball – 1 point – Women’s Soccer – 1 point – Men’s Soccer – 1 point – Volleyball – 1 point – Men’s and Women’s Track and Field – 1 point – Baseball – 1 point – Swimming and Diving – 2 points

IPTAY Rewards Events

Only the events that are designated an IPTAY Rewards Event will have scanners available for the Collegiate Club members. To receive points, you MUST have your Collegiate Club card with you to be scanned as you enter the game. No exceptions!

Rewards: Earn points to receive Clemson gear:

– 20 points – Clemson draw-string bag – 30 points – Clemson t-shirt – 50 points – Clemson hooded sweatshirt – 80 points – TBA

ACC Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament Promotion

Win a PAID hotel and tournament tickets for two to the ACC Men’s or Women’s Basketball Tournament. (Transportation not included.)

– Attendance will be kept by scanning your Collegiate Club card as you enter the gate at all men’s and women’s basketball games. – The Collegiate Club member with the best attendance record at men’s basketball games will win a trip to the ACC Men’s Tournament. The Collegiate Club member with the best attendance record at women’s basketball games will win a trip to the ACC Women’s Tournament. – In case of a tie, we will break it by looking at the attendance of the opposite team, i.e. a tie for the men’s attendance will go to the person with the highest men’s attendance who also has the highest attendance at women’s games.

***At all events, scanning will end at the start of the game.***

***The IPTAY Rewards System has no connection to IPTAY Priority Points.***

We are very excited about this new rewards program and hope that you are too! If you have any questions, please e-mail us at the following addresses:

Keep an eye out in your e-mail inbox for a complete schedule of all the IPTAY Rewards Events and also continue checking this website for more updates.

We look forward to seeing you at all our upcoming events! Thank you for your support of Clemson Athletics!

Go Tigers!