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Clemson Women’s Track and Field Team Wraps Up Clemson Indoor Classic

Clemson Women’s Track and Field Team Wraps Up Clemson Indoor Classic

Feb. 11, 2006

Complete Results

The Clemson Women’s Track and Field Team completed the second day of competition at the Clemson Indoor Classic on Saturday. Patrice McMillan captured the 800m run for the Lady Tigers with a time of 2:16.52. The 4X400m relay team of Patrice McMillan, and Thea Dix won the event with a time of 3:49.18.

Thea Dix placed third in the 800m with a time of 2:16.94. In the 4X400m relay, the Clemson “B” team of Ope Sobanjo, Tia Perry placed fifth with a time of 3:55.88. In the high jump, Anni Korhonen placed third with a jump of 5’4.25″. Michelle Rogers placed third in the triple jump with a mark of 39’3.75″. In the weight throw, Della Clark placed third with a throw of 60’7.75″, Krystal Woods placed eighth with a throw of 55’3.75″.

Renata Miyamoto had a time of 8.78 in the 60m hurdles finals, and Renata Miyamoto finished with a time of 2:27.64, and Casey Phillips had a time of 5:33.20. In the 3000m, Ford had a time of 10:57.59, Ashley Robinson finished at 11:07.21, Lauren Marriot had a time of 11:46.28, and Kerry Foltz had a time of 12:41.80. In the 4X400m relay, the Clemson “C” team finished with a time of 4:17.30. Miyamoto had a jump of 39’2.25″ in the triple jump, and Krystal Barringer had a leap of 36’10.25″. Catheryne Porter had a throw of 45’5.75″ in the weight throw.

60m hurdles- Hardy (8)-8.76, Miyamoto-8.78, Perry-8.92.200m- Hardy (7)-25.51, Sobanjo-25.72.400m- Hill (4)-57.02.800m- McMillan (1)-2:16.52, Dix (3)-2:16.94, Johnson-2:22.83, Rash-2:27.56, Miyamoto-2:27.64, Brown-2:33.58.Mile- Ford-5:31.59, Phillips-5:33.203000m- Ford-10:57.59, Robinson-11:07.21, Marriot-11:46.28, Foltz-12:41.80.4X400m Relay- Clemson “A” Hill, Miyamoto, McMillan, Dix (1)-3:49.18, Clemson “B” Sobanjo, Hardy, Johnson, Perry (5)-3:55.88, Clemson “C”-4:17.30.High Jump- Korhonen (3)-5’4.25″.Triple Jump- Rogers (7)-39’3.75″, Miyamoto-39’2.25″, Barringer-36’10.25″.Weight Throw- Clark (3)-60’7.75″, Kokayko (4)-57’6.5″, Woods (8)-55’3.75″, Porter-45’5.75″.