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Clemson What Is Tiger Pride


In the world of college athletics, if you’re not moving forward, you’re getting left behind.

That’s the idea behind the Clemson University Athletic Department’s continuing effort to move forward in upgrading Tiger athletic facilities to some of the best in the nation. But it can’t be done without the help of the entire Clemson family and your commitment to joining the team.

You will have that opportunity to showcase the infamous Tiger pride with Clemson’s first-ever athletic capital campaign. Appropriately enough, it’s called Tiger Pride – a five-year, $63 million dollar campaign to push Clemson athletic facilities into the 21st century with the style befitting years of Tiger tradition and excellence.

The Goals

It’s a concept for an athletic complex that ties the athletic area together, both visually and geographically. So, while no one would argue the point that Clemson’s athletic facilities and their surroundings aren’t already aesthetically appealing, the Clemson family can’t rest on its laurels alone as other schools and universities look to the future with an eye on competition.

“Because very few upgrades or renovations have been made since the original facilities were built, it’s time to bring Clemson into the new millennium with state-of-the-art facilities that reflect the quality and innovation of the entire University,” says Clemson athletic director Bobby Robinson. “It’s been 10 years since any work was completed at the baseball stadium; nearly 15 years since the upper deck was added to the football stadium; and almost 30 years since any significant improvements to Littlejohn Coliseum. There’s no question it’s time to move forward.”

Tiger Pride donors will have the opportunity to make annual contributions over a five-year period, receiving various forms of recognition and cumulative giving credit on their IPTAY accounts. They will also be allowed to designate how the gift will be used and by what facility.

“This is the first time we’ve had to ask our Clemson family to help fund capital improvements, and it’s imperative that they join the team,” added Robinson. “We want every fan to take stock in Tiger Pride, no matter what level of participation. Clemson sports programs need to be able to compete by offering first-class facilities that attract both blue-chip student athletes and fans. This is the opportunity for everyone in the Clemson family to create an ownership in Clemson’s athletic future. We’re appealing to everyone to show their Tiger Pride.”

Join The Team!!!