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Clemson Westendzone

Death Valley – West Endzone


The plan for the Memorial Football Stadium is to create an environment that is much more fan-friendly. This would mean more amenities for the fans, including brighter, cleaner concourses; additional rest rooms; more convenient concession stands; a Stadium Club featuring a year-round restaurant overlooking the stadium; and innovations such as a “Fun Zone” similar to that of the Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field, which would appeal to families and kids alike as a year-round mini-amusement park open for parties and other festivities. Clemson’s dedicated athletes would enjoy renovated, more attractive locker rooms and lettermen’s areas.

As for the exterior, the entrance to the west end zone will be totally upgraded to incorporate the stylish, turn-of-the-century wrought-iron and brick style, similar to that of Tillman Hall, which will tie in to the rest of the athletic facilities, as well as many other parts of the Clemson campus. And, just as fans feel that rush of excitement in the east entrance with Howard’s Rock, they will also feel a similar rush when greeted by two huge tiger statues, much like those at Ericsson Stadium, on the west end.