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Clemson vs. Wofford Post-Game Coaches’ Quotes

Nov. 20, 2008

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Clemson Head Coach Oliver Purnell

Thoughts on the game: “Pleased with the way we played tonight. The guys got better as the game went on, which was a good thing to see. They did a good job finding their rhythm offensively and they were able to force a lot of turnovers. Then we came out in the second half with a tough mindset and were able to carry it the rest of the game.”

On concerns about playing Wofford: “I was concerned about Wofford’s unorthodox style of play, they make you take the jump shots and if you are having trouble shooting then it can be a close game.”

On the confidence of Clemson’s freshmen: “Tanner and Andre did not play like freshmen at all during the tournament, and Narcisse did a great job tonight when he got in. I am very pleased with the poise and maturity these guys are showing.”

On Clemson’s fast-paced style: “I think it sends a message, and it gets people excited because the fans, players, and coaches all enjoy it.”

On Andre Young’s performance: “Things started to open up for him towards the end of the game, and he is a good shooter and was able to take advantage of those opportunities.”

On Booker’s ankle: “It is good. He was doing well on it and it should be 100% by Saturday.”

On the crowd: “We want our fans to rock Littlejohn. It was a good crowd tonight and that gives the team energy.”

On the team’s free throw shooting: “They definitely help us win games because they can expand the lead. We won two or three tournament games with the help of our free throws.”

Wofford Head Coach Mike Young

“The only way to succeed and win in this place is through the offense first. And, also to limit there number of possessions with great defensive play. It’s November and were a young team, we weren’t prepared for the momentum shift after it was a 14-14 game. We had a bad shot selection and our ball handling was not great tonight. We need to work on a lot of things and refocus for our next game.”

“Clemson is a quality program. They have a new team, but Coach Purnell has done a great job with these guys. Booker is very difficult to match up against. With guys like Oglesby and Rivers on the perimeter, they have scoring threats basically everywhere. I was also impressed with Stitt’s growth since last year and Young will become a fine player. I hope they go on and do great things.”