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Clemson vs. Stetson Postgame Quotes

Clemson vs. Stetson Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Brad Brownell

Opening statement:“All in all, it was a great first half – I thought we played about as well as we could play.  The second half left a little to be desired, but it’s hard to complain about a 20 point win.  I thought our guys really played well in the first 20 minutes.  We were active defensively, there was one bad stretch defensively, but we got out and got ahead, made some early shots with a good mix to our game.  We played fast with low turnovers, which is hard to do.

“For some reason we entered the second half a little sluggish.  Give Stetson credit, they regrouped, they are a better team than they played in the first half.  They regrouped and settled down and we took our foot off the accelerator a little and relaxed and gave them a little confidence when they made some shots, but hopefully we will learn some things from that, but all in all a pretty good performance and several guys played well.”

On K.J. McDaniels‘ leadership:“He’s a good player.  He’s a guy that has really improved.  You can see it from his play tonight, made four threes, scored in different ways which is a mark of a good scorer.  He’s still improving as a leader and he’s a guy that we look to be an offensive threat and he played at a high level tonight.”

On setting the tone:“It helps.  It settles everybody down and relaxes them.  It kind of lets everybody do their thing after.  In the second half he wasn’t going for a while and you could see we were still looking around to see who would get us going and then he came back in and hit a couple good shots, he just played a very good offensive game tonight with 20 points and seven rebounds.”

On the team’s tempo:“We are going to try and get up and get down a little bit.  Some of the ability in the first half is when you’re making that many shots you have more opportunities in transition, but in the second half its slow because they’re scoring.  We’re not going to push it a lot when the other team is scoring.  We’re not just going to keep running it up and down because it’s good to get scored on.  I do think the amount of possessions will be similar to that, but I would like for the second half to have gone a little bit better, maybe get a few more possessions in.”