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Clemson vs. Nebraska quotes

Clemson vs. Nebraska quotes

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell


Opening statement:

“Hard-fought win. I’m proud of my guys because it was one of those games where, even though I’ve been talking about our team playing well and with confidence offensively, we didn’t play well offensively tonight. Certainly, in the first half, we were playing way too fast. Defensively, I thought we were pretty good all game, and I thought Nebraska was very good defensively. Both teams just made it hard on each other. There weren’t many easy baskets. You had to work. We played through Jaron (Blossomgame), and that was good. I thought he made some plays for us. But this game was won the last 12 minutes with our defense. I think (the Cornhuskers) were five for their last 24. So that’s good for this team to win a game that way, as opposed to making a bunch of threes, which we’ve done a couple times earlier in the year. A good, hard-fought win and a competitive, physical game.”


On Sidy Djitte’s clutch offensive rebound late in the game:

“It’s something we practice a lot. A lot of teams do. You get an offensive rebound and immediately look out because defenders are all around the rim. And (Djitte) does a good job of that, trying to find guys. And it was a big shot by Donte (Grantham). Certainly, we needed it.”


On fan engagement:

“I thought our student turnout was fantastic. I can’t thank them enough. There’s no question it helps. This is one of those games when you’re not playing as well, and you just need to feed off the crowd. And I thought the crowd really helped us tonight, so I’m very thankful for that. I know our players are, too.”



Nebraska Head Coach Tim Miles


On Clemson’s in-game adjustments:

“They made threes. And four of them came off of loose balls or offensive rebounds. And the fact that we couldn’t secure the ball really hurt us in second-chance points. I don’t know what they were in the stats, but I think everybody in the gym knew they were crucial.”

On his team’s high number of turnovers: “It was a physical game, there’s no doubt. And I think we were sloppy early. Our point guard, Glynn (Watson), had three or four turnovers right away. You can’t play that way. And, with some of the new rules, you get some of the offensive foul calls, too, and that’s a turnover. But if you go on the road and turn it over 17 times, it’s difficult to win.”