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Clemson vs. Miami Postgame Coaches’ Quotes

Clemson vs. Miami Postgame Coaches’ Quotes

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

Overall thoughts:“Great win by our team. Miami obviously gave us some problems early, we had trouble stopping them. They have great size on the perimeter and we had a hard time handling them. We had to go zone at the end of the half. I thought that slowed them and got us to halftime, where we made some defensive adjustments and then did a better job guarding them in the second half. I thought Rod (Hall) was great again, K.J. (McDaniels) was really good. Adonis (Filer) came in with some good plays in the second half. We were pretty good offensively, we faced everything you can see in a half and shot a good percentage and found a way to win a close game.” 

On getting to 10 ACC wins:“It helps having a couple extra games. I would pat us on the back, but when they played 14-16 it was a little harder. Having said that, I’m really proud of our team for what they have accomplished. We have won two tough games this week and that says something about the character of our team. We have had a very good year so far, and hope to keep going and make it special.”

On winning close games this season:“It feels good, mostly for our players. You see how hard players work and then you go play your tail off and lose by a couple baskets and that’s hard. There’s really not a big difference between 6-10 and 10-6. It’s the momentum that you have from winning close games that help you. When you lose a close one it’s hard to rally and bring yourself up. So, it feels good and I’m happy for our players.”

On the final minutes of Tuesday’s game:“I think there’s more of a belief that you’re going to win the game instead of having hope that you’re going to win. When things seem to be going against you like last year it’s tough to change your mindset. One of the things I said earlier this season even in the fall, it’s going to be nice to have experienced guards. Rod Hall is much better with the ball in his hands than he was last year. K.J. makes more plays now at the end of games. It was much more difficult getting the ball in the hands of Devin Booker and Milton Jennings at the end of games. When your older players are perimeter players, it really hopes you in close games. Last year we played with a lot of young guys that have learned those lessons and it has helped us this year.”

Miami Head Coach Jim Larranaga

Overall thoughts:“I thought Clemson played a very solid game, and I thought our guys did a good job for the most part, but when there was a rebound that both teams needed, they (Clemson) were the ones that got it. They beat us on those 50/50 balls all night long and it gave them second shots, second chance points, and we were not able to corral the most important rebounds in the game. I thought that was the biggest difference.”

On the physicality of the game:“Both teams are two of the best at not fouling in the country, and I thought they played good defense.  The game was pretty physical, but I didn’t think they were fouls. I thought our guys did a good job; they shot a lot more free throws than us because we fell behind and we had to foul in the last three minutes. I thought it was one of those games that both teams really concentrated on not putting other people on the foul line, and they executed well.”