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Clemson vs. Mercer quotes

Clemson vs. Mercer quotes

Clemson vs. Mercer

Postgame Coaches’ Quotes

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

Opening statement:

“Really strong performance by our team. I couldn’t be more pleased by how we played. I think Mercer is a really good team. They just caught us on a good day. We were really ready. I thought our guys had three good days of practice. I thought we were really prepared defensively. And when we started making shots early, I think it really put our guys in a good place. Again, I thought we played exceptionally well. We only had seven turnovers, fifteen assists. We just did everything we needed to do to win a game like this.”

On holding Mercer to 47 points: “(Mercer) is a team that can score, and they do a lot of different things. (Coach Hoffman) does some unique things offensively. I just thought we were really prepared. We had a good game plan, and we executed it. I thought our defense was really good, and to come back in the second half with a big lead and play the same way showed maturity. So that was good to see.”

On his team’s recent stellar play: “We’ve done a good job. We needed to play well during this time, and we have so far. Hopefully, we’ll continue that on Tuesday. We’ve had a little homestand here to get ourselves going. I thought the Nebraska win was big just because we didn’t play quite as well, and, again, I thought Nebraska had something to do with that. But we found a way to win a tough game, and, now, we’ve handled two teams that we needed to handle. Hopefully, we keep that going. That’s what you’re trying to do this time of year is build some momentum and get to playing better basketball the longer you go.”

Mercer Head Coach Bob Hoffman

Opening statement:

“The amazing this is how well Clemson played today. Coach Brownell is one of the best coaches in the country, knew that coming in. (I have) a great respect for him. All the shooters they have added are really hard to guard when they space the floor and their athleticism, but I did a terrible job getting our guys prepared. It probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the game, but I apologize to our Mercer family and we have to be better, we have to get better. I love Clemson’s team, it was obvious they know exactly what they are trying to do and they accomplished it on almost every possession. ”

On 12 of the first 13 shots being three pointers…

“Yeah that was awful. If I would have taken them it might have been by design, I probably would have made them. I love my kids, it was just, we just didn’t do what we needed to do. There were a couple of long bounces when we were in zone that our guards had to get. The very first possession that happened, they (Clemson) ended up with a three and we were trying to match threes instead of attack. We were not as big as them, but you still have to get to the free-throw line, we shot three free-throws and we weren’t attacking the basket like we normally can, and should. You’re right, we can’t win that way and that is not how we are going to win moving forward.”

On learning lessons from playing the bigger teams…“I pray so. It is really frustrating because you see the potential in each player, and what they can bring to us and I’m not getting it out of them. It is something that we have to continue to find ways to get them prepared and more excited about what we are trying to accomplish, but Clemson was a very special team today and we weren’t very special; I think we can be, but we weren’t today. I have never been a part of one of these games since I’ve been at Mercer like this. It was a serious kicking and they made us like it.”