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Clemson Volleyball Team Now 21-2

Clemson Volleyball Team Now 21-2

Oct. 31, 2007

Jolene Jordan Hoover’s Clemson volleyball team is now 21-2 after its 3-1 victory over Georgia Tech on Tuesday, October 30. The Tigers are a perfect 14-0 in the ACC after defeating rival Georgia Tech for the second time this year.

The 21-2 record and .913 winning percentage would be the best in Clemson volleyball history if the season ended today. The existing record for a full season is a .912 winning percentage by the 1999 Clemson team that was also coached by Hoover.

This year’s team is on pace to post the best winning percentage by a Clemson athletic team in the 21st century. The only team to post a winning percentage of 85 percent or better so far this century is the 26-4 record and .866 winning percentage was posted by Nancy Harris’s women’s tennis team in 2004.

As far as the record for the best winning percentage in history by a women’s sports program, the record is a 1.000 winning percentage posted by the 1987-88 Lady Tiger swimming program. Bob Boettner’s team was 9-0 in the regular season that year.

As far as sports teams that play a minimum of 20 events in a year, the current .913 winning percentage by the Clemson volleyball team would be fourth best in school history if the season ended today. The record is a .925 mark by the Clemson men’s soccer team in 1978 when that team was 18-1-1. Clemson’s women’s tennis team of 1977 was 23-2, good for a .920 winning percentage. Trevor Adair’s men’s soccer team of 1998 had a 22-2 record for a .917 winning percentage.

Hoover is among some great coaches in Clemson history on the list below. In addition to the current coaches on the list, others who have had a 90 percent winning percentage in school history include Frank Howard, John Heisman, Danny Ford, Jess Neely and Dr. I.M, Ibrahim.

Winningest Seasons in Clemson History
Year Sport Coach W-L Pct.
1969 Men’s Tennis Duane Bruley 16-0


1981 Football Danny Ford 12-0


1948 Football Frank Howard 11-0 1.000
1987-88 Women’s Swimming Bob Boettner 9-0 1.000
1900 Football John Heisman 6-0 1.000
1950 Football Frank Howard 9-0-1 .950
1973 Men’s Soccer Dr. I.M. Ibrahim 16-1 .941
1977 Men’s Soccer Dr. I.M. Ibrahim 16-1 .941
1962 Men’s Tennis Les Longshore 14-1 .933
1978 Men’s Soccer Dr. I.M. Ibrahim 18-1-1 .925
1977 Women’s Tennis Mary King 23-2 .920
1952 Men’s Tennis Hoke Sloan 11-1 .917
1978 Football Charley Pell 11-1 .917
1998 Men’s Soccer Trevor Adair 22-2 .917
2007 Volleyball Jolene Jordan Hoover’s 21-2 .913
1999 Volleyball Jolene Jordan Hoover’s 31-3 .912
1981 Men’s Soccer Dr. I.M. Ibrahim 18-2 .900
1903 Baseball John Heisman 9-1 .900
1939 Football Jess Neely 9-1 .900
1972 Men’s Soccer Dr. I.M. Ibrahim 13-1-1 .900