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Clemson To Reinforce Security Measures for Weekend Events

Clemson To Reinforce Security Measures for Weekend Events

Clemson, S.C. – Local, state and federal law enforcement entities working with Clemson Athletics game operations announced increased and reinforced security measures in place for this weekend’s sporting events.

For Saturday’s football home finale against Wake Forest and four NCAA soccer matches scheduled on Friday and Sunday, fans may experience additional security measures as they enter stadiums. 

“We’ll put in place additional precautions – some visible and many behind the scenes – this weekend to further ensure the safety of our guests,” Clemson Chief of Police Eric Hendricks said. “We strive to limit inconveniences, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding and participation in securing our events.”   Visible measures include increased presence of uniformed officers outside of gates, more robust bag inspection and limited reentry points. “We want our fans to have a great experience, and safety is always at the forefront of our thoughts,” Director of Athletics Dan Radakovich said. “This weekend, to minimize delays in entering the stadium, we strongly discourage fans bringing bags into the stadium. If you need to bring a bag, try to use a clear plastic one which will help the entry process. “We also want everyone to enjoy our Military Appreciation Day halftime show and encourage everyone who enters to stay in the stadium throughout the game.”  Clemson officials are encouraging fans to arrive early and anticipate potential delays if bringing any bag into the stadiums.