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Clemson Student-Athletes Set Records in Classroom

February 19, 1999

Clemson, SC-A record 180 student-athletes earned selection to the Clemson academic honor roll for the fall semester, according to statistics released by the Clemson Athletic Council. The department’s 464 student-athletes had a collective GPA of 2.68, highest fall semester GPA in school history and the second highest semester overall. The figure was just seven-hundreds of a point off the overall student body average (2.75) for the semester.

Thirty-eight student-athletes made the dean’s list, including 16 who were on the President’s List (4.0). Nine programs showed improvement compared to the fall semester of 1997. That included the Clemson baseball, golf and men’s track programs, who all posted their best team GPAs on record. Thirty-nine percent of the 464 student athletes were on the academic honor roll, the highest percentage in school history.

Every Clemson program currently boasts a career cumulative GPA of at least a 2.32. Eight of the 15 programs had a GPA higher than the overall student body.

The top program for the fall semester was the women’s tennis team with a 3.18 team GPA. Seven of the nine Lady Tigers on Nancy Harris’s team made the academic honor roll. It was the eighth time in the last nine semesters that the Lady Tigers had a team GPA of at least a 3.0.

Clemson’s men’s golf team is ranked number-one in the nation on the course for their performance this past fall, and they had a record setting semester in the classroom. Larry Penley’s team had a record 3.06 for the semester and a record nine of the 13 players on his roster made the academic honor roll. That list includes Jonathan Byrd and John Engler, who are ranked among the top 10 golfers in the United States.

Susie Lueck’s women’s rowing team had an outstanding performance in its first semester as a varsity sport. Twenty-nine of the 46 student-athletes on the roster earned a spot on the academic honor roll and the team GPA was a 3.03, third best in the department. The 29 academic honor roll selections set a semester record for any sport at Clemson.

The women’s swimming program had a 2.97 GPA, the fifth straight semester Bruce Marchionda’s program has been at 2.97 or better. The team had 21 members on the academic honor roll, the fifth straight semester it has had at least 20 on that list.

Chuck Kriese’s men’s tennis team posted a 2.87 GPA, its highest in six semesters and the eight academic honor roll selections rank as the second best on record. Jack Leggett’s baseball team posted a team GPA of 2.73, highest on record and the 14 honor roll selections was tied for the second best in school history. Team co-captain Derek Borgert was a member of the President’s List.

Sixteen Clemson football players made the academic honor roll, including offensive lineman Kyle Young, who was on the President’s List. The team had a 2.06 GPA for the semester, but the cumulative GPA of the team stands at 2.32.

Three Clemson basketball players were on the list, including Tom Wideman, who was on the President’s List. Wideman is an academic All-America candidate in this his senior year. It was the third straight semester he was on the President’s List. The men’s basketball team had a 2.12 GPA for the semester and the cumulative GPA of the players stands at 2.40.

“We often fail to realize that student-athletes are just like other students,” said Ron Thomas, chairman of the Clemson Athletic Council. “Grades are important to them and they take as much pride in academic accomplishments as they do in athletic accomplishments. Let’s not forget to celebrate with them their academic successes.”

Clemson GPAs by Sport, Fall Semester, 1998

    Sport                     GPA    Baseball                 2.73    Men's Basketball         2.12    Women's Basketball       2.64    Football                 2.06    Golf                     3.06    Women's Rowing           3.03    Men's Soccer             2.53    Women's Soccer           2.74    Men's Swimming           2.41    Women's Swimming         2.97    Men's Tennis             2.87    Women's Tennis           3.18    Men's Track              2.80    Women's Track            2.80    Volleyball               2.91    Overall Student-Athletes 2.68

Academic Honor Roll, Fall, 1998

(Dean’s List in bold face)

Volleyball (7)–Heidi Cooper, Alison Coday, Mary Trull, Cindy Stern, Stephanie Schulz, Anne Berki, Tammy Bysura

Women’s Track (16)–Shannon Schoppman, Julianne Littmann, Jessica Hyams, Emily Welsh, Mandy McLane, Julie Polovick, Beth Ahern, Julie Stackhouse, Kelly Lasher, Melissa Manning, Jennifer Meador, Amanda Pollock, Kameron Blount, Anne Stowell, Katja Pettinen, Erin Nett

Women’s Tennis (7)–Meredith Chandler, Cynthia Clausen, Catherine Galvin, Kate-Maree Mair, Carmina Giraldo, Cecilia Hincapie, Christina Oldock

Women’s Swimming (21)–Ginny Kirouac, Magdalena Kupiec, Agata Jankowska, Jennifer Zappa, Jennifer Mihalik, Erin Schatz, Amy Suppinger, Melissa Gebhart, Leslie Anderson, Wendy Henson, Betsy Potter, Michelle Cunnane, Meagan Davis, Danielle Goetz, Lisa Bartlett, Lauren Rafferty, Kendra Kelly, Beverly Chin, Michaela Smith, Summer Ecker, Suzanne Gramling

Women’s Soccer (8)–Kathre Carson, Diana Akin, Sam Butke, Audra Sherman, Leigh Clark, Beth Keller, Julie Podhrasky, Julie Augustyniak

Women’s Rowing (29)–Elena Arecco, Dawn Jackson, Christina Lindsey, Tenley Palisin, Lauren Hayworth, Cara Viverito, Allison Cartee, Kim Brown, Laura Slice, Heather Vansomeren, Lauren Henne, Allyson Reaves, Nicole Collier, Cortney Johnson, Gail Cadorniga, Lucille Doolittle, Katherine Sloan, Farrell Finstad, Meridith Brand, Emily Mayhew, Julia Dillon, Nicole Eble, NicoleElliott, Megan McGuirt, Gretchen Bielmyer, Jaimee Kamnik, Erin Mickey, Sharon Miller, Heidi Robillard

Women’s Basketball (4)–Amirah Leonard, Angie Cossey, Amy Geren, Natasha Anderson

Men’s Track (18)–Mike Connelly, Bob Latham, Thomas Felch, Tory Smith, Shaun Murphy, Jason Brewer, Tom Hopkins, Mark Jellison, Doug Ameigh, Brett Varner, Wade VanSice, Clay Wiggins, Todd Dunn, Ryan Demers, Mark Mirabito, Steven Alexander, Kenny Franklin, Kai Maull

Men’s Tennis (8)–Luis Garcia, Joey Hopke, Colin Atkinson, Marcio Torres, Tyler Manring, Eric Cohn, Darren Knight, James Poole

Men’s Swimming (6)–Will York, Robert Etheridge, Adam Shapley, Mike Pridemore, Sean Wallace, Chris Anderson

Men’s Soccer (12)–Andy Heck, Lars-Egil Fallang, Kevin Conaway, Jeremy Iwaszkowiec, Nathan Rawlins, Mike Potempa, Jason Kamlet, Russell Keiffer, Jeff Bilyk, Matt Elliott, Ross Goodacre, Lee Ibrahim

Golf (9)–Jani Saari, Elliot Gealy, Jonathan Byrd, Trip James, John Engler, Ben Johnson, John Walker, Robert King, Sean Thornton

Football (18)--Edward Arnette, Chad Carson, Kyle Young, Micah Lewis, Chad Speck, Chris Campbell, Jason Stockunas, Justin Watts, David Evans, Ted Miller, Robert Bradford, James Owen, Deke Herrin, William Dinkins, David Richardson, Jackie Robinson, Ryan Romano, Bryant Smith

Men’s Basketball (3)–Tom Wideman, Adam Allenspach, Andrius Jurkunas

Baseball (14)–Derek Borgert, Grant Redding, Jesse Douglass, Brian Ellis, Jeff Jackson, Jeff Vessell, Matt Additon, Doug Roper, Michael Calitri, Brian Adams, Chris Heck, Justin Singleton, Jonathan Smith, Marion Stone

Trainers (3)–Kindra Poole, Jason Wilson, Steven Sattazahn

Managers (19)–Spencer Bernstein, Hillary Lowe, Aimee Mastin, Jennifer Mcginnis, Kevin Pederson, Leslie Clayton, Matt Thomas, Bill Lockey, Kathryn Owen, Josh Wise, Andrew Paland, Tracey Powell, Jack Powell, Masai Dalton, Kim Brice, Brian Karr, James Ringer, Richard Robbins, Philip Wieczorkows

President’s List

    NAME                MAJOR                   SPORT    Heidi Cooper        Biochemistry            Volleyball    Shannon Schoppman   Chemistry               Women's Track    Ginny Kirouac       Business Admin.         Women's Swimming    Magdalena Kupiec    Marketing               Women's Swimming    Elena Arecco        Marketing               Women's Rowing    Dawn Jackson        History Women's         Rowing    Christina Lindsey   Construction Science    Women's Rowing    Tenley Palisin      Health Studies          Women's Rowing    Tom Wideman         Management              Men's Basketball    Mike Connelley      Engineering             Men's Track    Bob Latham          Graphic Communication   Men's Track    Will York           Mechanical Engineer     Men's Swimming    Edward Arnette      Chemistry               Football    Chad Carson         Biological              Sciences Football    Kyle Young          Management              Football    Derek Borgert       Computer Info Systems   Baseball