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Clemson Student-Athletes Participate in 2012 Recyclemania Competition

Clemson Student-Athletes Participate in 2012 Recyclemania Competition

March 12, 2012

On Friday, March 2, Clemson University and several Clemson student-athletes participated in the 2012 Recyclemania Tournament. Recyclemania is a national competition where over 600 universities in the ACC and other conferences compete against each other to see who can recycle the most and show the most improvement in their respective recycling programs.

Members of the rowing and volleyball teams met at the Kite Hill Recycling Center, where they sorted through trash to pull out items that could have been recycled. This event is part of a national effort to show how much of a difference recycling makes and to improve the recycling programs on college campuses. The event will also help boost Clemson University’s recycling numbers for their annual reports. Last year, Clemson placed second in the ACC, just behind the University of Maryland, and this year they hope to be number one and reach a recycling rate of 35% on campus.

In addition to being a national competition, the individuals that participated in the event competed against each other to see who could collect the most recyclable materials. The rowers and volleyball players won the contest against all of the other students and organizations who participated in the event.

Kate Ripley, from Clemson University Recycling Services, noted how impressed she was with “their work ethic and willingness to volunteer. The girls had great attitudes and were a pleasure to work alongside.”

Several of the student-athletes talked about how much fun they had and look forward to participating next year in this Clemson version of “Dirty Jobs.” No doubt their competitive spirits have them ready to win the grand prize again next year.