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Jun 12, 2020

Clemson Student-Athletes Begin Voluntary Activity

CLEMSON, S.C. – Earlier this week, 128 Clemson Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball student-athletes began taking part in the first in-person element of their return plans. After a recommended period of physical distancing, the student-athletes have undergone their physicals to return to voluntary activity. Clemson University is presently in Phase I of its return-to-campus activity, which began June 1. 

Clemson’s fall sport student-athletes, including Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Volleyball are preparing to return to campus to begin activity in mid-June. 

Student-athletes can return to voluntary activity once passing the physical and undergoing testing for COVID-19. Results of the initial COVID-19 testing are below:

Staff working directly with student-athletes: Total tested: 41; Positive: 0
Football: Total tested: 104; Positive: 2
Men’s Basketball: Total tested: 12; Positive: 1
Women’s Basketball: Total tested: 12; Positive: 0
Cumulative: Tested: 169; Positive: 3

When a student-athlete is diagnosed with COVID-19, DHEC will be notified according to their guidelines as means to trace known contacts. Specific individuals will not be identified. CUAD Sports Medicine will isolate the positive case and possible contacts. Individuals with symptoms and known exposure to a positive COVID-19 patient should self-quarantine or isolate and be further medically evaluated as soon as possible.

Voluntary on-campus athletics activity must be initiated by a student-athlete, coaches may not be present, and the activity cannot be directed by a coach or reported back to a coach.

Additionally, virtual non-physical countable athletically related activities with one day off for up to eight hours per week is allowed for all sports until June 30. This is applicable to all student-athletes regardless of whether they are still at home or are in the locale of the institution and are participating in voluntary on-campus athletics activities.

Required in-person summer athletics activities in Football, Men’s Basketball, and Women’s Basketball are precluded through June 30.