Clemson Sets Records in Classroom

Clemson Sets Records in Classroom

June 27, 2006

Clemson, SC–A record 123 Clemson student-athletes were named to the Dean’s List, including a record tying 44 with a perfect 4.0 according to data released by Clemson University’s Office of Institutional Research and Planning on Tuesday. The student-athletes in seven of Clemson’s 15 athletic programs posted a team GPA of 3.0 or better, led by the women’s swimming team, which had a 3.42, including 11 student-athletes with a 4.0.

Clemson’s athletic teams had an overall GPA of 2.84, tied for the third best semester on record. The record is a 2.90 set in the spring of 2004, and the only other semester better than this spring was a 2.85 in the spring of 2002.

“There are many success stories emerging from the spring grade data,” said Becky Bowman, Associate Athletic Director for student-athlete development. ” The Clemson degree is increasing in value every day, and our student-athletes are working hard to compete in the best athletic conference in America, and to compete in a very demanding academic environment at this University.

“We are proud of the accomplishments of many of our programs on the field and in the classroom. This is not an easy task when you consider the demands that are placed on student-athletes when it comes to competition, and when it comes to taking a full academic load. They are generally engaging in the process athletically and academically and it brings pride to our coaches, administrators and our staff at Vickery Hall.”

The list of programs with a team GPA of 3.0 or better included women’s swimming (3.42), rowing (3.25), men’s soccer (3.07), women’s soccer (3.33), women’s tennis (3.15), volleyball (3.11) and women’s track (3.06). The women’s tennis (18th) and men’s soccer (3rd) programs also had top 20 finishes on the field of competition this year.

It marked the 16th consecutive semester, every semester in the program’s existence, that Susie Lueck’s rowing team had made a 3.0 or better. They had 10 athletes earn a perfect 4.0. The women’s soccer team has now had a 3.0 or better for 12 straight semesters, including five consecutive with a 3.25 or better, while the women’s tennis team has had a team GPA of 3.0 or better 15 of the last 16 semesters. The men’s basketball team posted a 2.66 team GPA for the spring semester, its second best semester since 1984. The only semester that is better is a 2.77 achieved in the spring of 1997.

Four of Oliver Purnell’s players made the academic honor roll, including Shawan Robinson and Matt Morris, who both had perfect 4.0 performances in the classroom. Robinson will become the first Clemson men’s basketball player to make the ACC All-Academic team four consecutive years when that team is announced later this summer. On May 12, Robinson joined Steve Allen and Akin Akingbala as Clemson graduates, giving the senior class a perfect 3 for 3 graduation rate for this year.

The Clemson football team had a 2.31 team GPA with 26 student-athletes making a 3.0 or better. Among the Tiger gridders on the ACC honor roll were starting tight end Thomas Hunter, a biology major, who made the dean’s list for both semesters this academic year, starting wide receiver Aaron Kelly and starting punter Cole Chason.

A total of 221 student-athletes were named to the academic honor roll (3.0 or better). The women’s swimming team had the most student-athletes with a 3.0 or better with 31 on the list, while the rowing program had 30, and the women’s track team had 25. It marked the seventh straight semester that at least 20 women’s track athletes made the academic honor roll.

Adrian Casanova, Brad Chalk, Herman Demmink, Taylor Harbin, D.J. Mitchell, and Stephen Faris.

Other prominent athletes who were named to the honor roll include Amanda Frist, the starting center on the Lady Tiger basketball team, who made the Dean’s List, All-America swimmer Kim Routh, All-ACC women’s tennis player Carol Salge, All-ACC golfer Brian Duncan, and academic All-America track and field athletes Jennifer Barton and Danny Alge.

Clemson Team GPAs for Spring 2006

Baseball 2.92
Football 2.31
Basketball, Men 2.66
Basketball, Women 2.07
Golf 2.57
Rowing 3.25
Soccer, Men 3.07
Soccer, Women 3.33
Swimming, Men 2.95
Swimming, Women 3.42
Tennis, Men 2.60
Tennis, Women 3.15
Track, Men 2.61
Track, Women 3.06
Volleyball 3.11

Clemson Student-Athlete Honor Roll For Spring 2006

Baseball (18): Adrian Casanova, Brad Chalk, Herman Demmink, Taylor Harbin, Doug Hogan, Chris Howard, David Kopp, Alex Martin, D.J. Mitchell, Daniel Moskos, P.J. Zocchi

Football (26): Aaron Kelly, James Maners, David McLaurin, Josh Miller, Mack Ogren, Brandon Oliver, Alex Pearson, Nick Riddle, David Schlink, Brandon Speweik, Brian Sorrells, Chris Stone, Preston Stone

Golf (4): Brian Duncan, Benjamin Martin, Zack Siefert

Men’s Basketball (4): Shawan Robinson, Jesse Yanutola

Men’s Soccer (14): Randy Albright, David Bell, Michael Brooks, Greg Burana, Bradley Gibson, David Newton, Rene Onate, Parker Rogers, Scott Rosman, Ryan Roushandel, Jeff Routh, Adam Smith, Havird Usry, Micah Usry

Men’s Swimming (14): Andy Bergren, Matt Balderston, Jay Crout, Sean Geary, Bryce Herrington, Joel Johnson, Ben Kanoy, Brett MacLennan, Greg Middleton, Thomas Niemeier, Brian Possee, Patrick Raisor, Brian Regone, Taylor Thompson

Men’s Track (16): Danny Alge, Roy Cheney, Josh Elam, Brent Hobbs, Greg Isaacs, Jay Lumpkins, Andrew Kessler, Brian Knapp, Joey O’Rourke, Clay Pendleton, Andy Porter, Lucas Shires, Abdurrabb Watkins

Men’s Tennis (6): Ryan Cook, Kevin Fleck, Ian Keeler, Alexander Koning, Michael Muskievicz, Brett Twente

Rowing (30): Elizabeth Averyt, MacKenzie Bartz, Megan Bendik, Vernita Boone, Caroline Borgan, Barbi Breimann, Blair Brendle, Sarah Broeker, Abbey Fernandez, Holly Geldhauser, Sarah Hayward, Ford Heiner, Elizabeth Jennings, Melanie McDaniel, Nicole Rau, Suzanne Sawicki, Kim Smith, Megan Stuermann, Meagan Ucci, Suzanne Van Fleet, Julia Young

Volleyball (8): Katie Bridges, Sue Eckman, Leslie Mansfield, Dawn Robertson, Brittany Ross, Meghan Stanton, Meghan Steiner, Anna Vallinch

Women’s Basketball (3): Amanda Frist, Susan Yenser

Women’s Soccer (18): Dorothy Barrow, Julie Bolt, Kim Faerber, Jennifer Ficklen, Amber Funk, Fraser Gerth, Allison Graham, Lindsey Jackson, Elizabeth Jobe, Molly Johnson, Lauren Johnston, Sarah McClurg, Britten Meyer, Avery Oldfield, Stephanie Permar, Jessica Shain, Lia Schendel, Lydia Vandenbergh

Women’s Swimming (31): Kati Aggas, Jill Allen, Nichole Carlton, Peg Carter, Sarah Cefalu, Ashley Clay, Claire Cuda, Jen Grove, Kate Hicks, Dani Kazilionis, Casey Kroll, Cassy LaRussa, Shastin Leathers, Jen Miata, Michelle Parkhurst, Amanda Pirovitz, Sarah Porri, Rachel Regone, Kim Routh, Carlyn Sander, Whitney Sandison, Jessica Scott, Asley Shafer, Lauren Sindall, Kelly Urso, Jayme Vanerden, Amanda Vaughan, Jessica Watcke, Emilie Wells, Sarah Wippermann, Ali Zacker

Women’s Track (25): Jennifer Barton, Della Clark, Thea Dix, Elizabeth Embler, Kerry Foltz, , Felicia Hawthorne, Randi Hinton, Beth Jordan, Helen Kirkland, Rachel McLaurin, Patrice McMillan, Renata Miyamoto, Casey Phillips, Caroline Rash, Ashley Robinson, Jessica Rutter, Charmayne Smith, Ope Sobanjo, , Krissy Thompson

Women’s Tennis (4): Kathi Gerber, Carol Salge, Federica van Adrichem

Managers (29): Matthew Alley, Meagan Beam, Seth Berry, Troy Black, Marilyn Boss, Matthew Bradshaw, Kali Brown, Tyler Brown, Greg Burriss, Daniel Coker, John Coutsos, Riley Cummings, Thomas Dickson, Samuel Edwards, Meredith Flaherty, Brian Ford, Adam Hammonds, Tiffany Hurt, Jeffrey Kallin, William LaMont, Patrick Madigan, Joseph Matthews, James Mcalpine, Edd McCurry, Milford McDonald, Andrew Medvec, Megan Mulholland, John Palumbo, Joel Perry

Trainers (9): Carla Addy, Anthony Bailey, Westley Cox, Adam Eargle, Caleb Gaston, Ryan Sanders, Cody Slaughter, William Wantland, Justin Wingard