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Mar 04, 2023

Clemson Rowing Starts 2023 Season Strong in Carolina Cup


CLEMSON S.C. – The Clemson Tigers started their 2023 spring season off strong with a dominating performance in the Carolina Cup on Saturday, March 5 at Lake Hartwell. Clemson earned first place in all five races on Saturday. 

“I am extremely proud of our team’s execution today,” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “The entire squad has been working incredibly hard for each other and it’s fitting that we celebrated senior day today since these seniors are the reason that we were able to have such great results in every event at this race.  I am grateful for the leadership these seniors have shown and can’t wait to see what is in store for them and the rest of the team this season.”

The 3v8’s opened the racing for the day at 8:30 a.m. Wasting no time, Clemson’s 3v8’s finished first by open water at a time of 7.20.5. Next, the Tiger’s 2v4’s took home first at 7.54.9 minutes, with UNC coming in second at 7.57.7 minutes and Clemson’s 3v4 coming in third at 8.20 minutes. After that the Tiger’s 1v4 (7.49.53), 2v8 (6.54.2), and 1v8 (6.38.4) all won their respective races with open water.

Being Clemson’s only home regatta of the season, the team took time to recognize and honor all 11 graduating seniors: Karli Robinson, Lucia Coutant, Caroline Emerson, Anna Luttrell, Lauren Johnson, Amelia Rinehart, Kaila Wallace=, Isabel Velasquez, Rachel Twitty, Hannah Hayes and Ikelle Iturbe. 

The Tiger’s now look ahead to their next regatta, the Oak Ridge Invitational, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on March 18th and 19th. 

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  1. Clemson (6:38.4)
  2. UNC (6.53.2)


  1. Clemson (7:20.5)
  2. UNC (7:35.0)


  1. Clemson (7.49.53)
  2. UNC (7:59.93)


  1. Clemson A (7.54.9)
  2. UNC (7:57.7)
  3. Clemson B (8:20.0)


  1. Clemson (6.54.2)
  2. UNC (7:05.3)


1v8: Christina Minyo (cox), Lucia Coutant (s), Hannah Newman, Anna Luttrell, Rachel Twitty, Carolina Emerson, Lori Belanger, Isabel Velasquez, and Amelia Anglin(b)

2v8: Julia Walsh (cox), Claudia Scherbin (s), Abby Dutton, Jane Upmeyer, Emma Randolph, Hannah Hayes, Amelia Rinehart, Jaysen Hall, and Emery Sampson (b)

3v8: Lauren Crumley (cox), Emma Frohnapfel (s), Celia Cox, Rose Imbesi, Deanna Cácere. Ivey May, Kalia Wallace, Lauren Johnson, Maylin Lindsey (b)

1v4: Salma Shaalan (cox), Maddie O’Neill (s), Elizabeth Murphy, Camille Egger, and Gabby Babin (b)

2v4: Kristen Dutkin (cox), Josie Bonamy (s), Emmie Kelly, Karli Robinson, and Maddie Scarlett (b)

3v4: Stephanie Hampton (cox), Rebecca Pitt (s), Amari Randall, Ava Tarzian, and Nora Ryan (b)