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Jun 12, 2021

Clemson Ranked Eighth in Final Golfweek/Sagarin Ranking

Clemson, S.C—Larry Penley’s final Clemson golf team ranked eighth in the final Golfweek/Sagarin Computer rating released earlier this week.  The Tigers were 10th in the final Golfstat poll.   The College Golf Coaches Association uses the NCAA National team tournament finish as its final rankings, so the Tigers are tied for 13th in its final poll.

The number-eight ranking by Golfweek is the highest for the program in that rating system since a number-six final ranking at the conclusion of the  2008-09 season.    It marks the sixth straight top 20 finish for the Tigers by Golfweekand the 21st top 20 since Golfweek and Sagarin joined forces to start the ranking system in 1995-96.

Individually, Turk Pettit had a number-four final national computer ranking according to Golfstat and number-10 according to Golfweek.  He was 16th in the final PGA University Ranking.   Pettit won the National Championship with a score of seven-under-par 273 at the NCAA National Tournament at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona on May 31.

Pettit’s number-four ranking is the highest final ranking for a Clemson player since D.J. Trahan was second in the Golfweek/Sagarin ranking in 2002-03.   A Clemson golfer has never finished the season number-one in the Golfweek/Sagarin ranking.

Clemson junior Jacob Bridgeman finished 14th in the final Golfweek ranking and 49th by Golfstat.   Kyle Cottam was 105th by Golfweek and 142nd by Golfstat, and Colby Patton was 130th by Golfweek and 148th by Golfstat, giving the program four players in the top 150 in the nation according to both ranking systems.

Statistically, as a team according to the Golfstat national statistics, Clemson was third in the nation in team scoring average at 71.39, and seventh on stroke average vs. par at +0.42.  The Tigers ranked 10th in the nation in subpar strokes/rounds (3.61), second in par three scoring average (3.09) and 10th in par four scoring average (4.09).

Pettit finished fifth in the nation in scoring average at 69.84 and was ninth in scoring average vs. par at -1.24.  Bridgeman was 10th in scoring average at 70.11 and 18th in average vs. par (-0.86).    Additionally Bridgeman was 13thin par three scoring average (3.022) and William Nottingham was 18th in that same category (3.025).


Final College Golf Team Rankings


Golfstat Computer

1. Oklahoma State, 2. Oklahoma, 3.  Pepperdine,  4.  Florida State, 5.  Arizona State, 6.  Illinois, 7.  Vanderbilt, 8.  North Carolina, 9.  Wake Forest, 10.  Clemson,  11.  Texas, 12. Texas Tech, 13.  Texas A&M, 14.  Georgia,  15.  Arkansas,  16.  Sam Houston State,  17.  Auburn, 18.SMU,  19.  Arizona,  20. NC State, 21.  North Florida,   22.  Tennessee,  23.  Louisville, 24.  Liberty,  25.  Georgia Tech.


Golfweek/Sagarin Computer

1.Oklahoma,  2.  Oklahoma State, 3.  Florida State, 4.  Pepperdine,  5.  North Carolina, 6.  Arizona State,  7.  Illinois, 8.  Clemson,  9.  Texas,  10.  Wake Forest,  11. Vanderbilt,  12.  Texas Tech,  13.   NC State,  14.  Georgia,  15.  Texas A&M,  16.  Arizona,  17.  SMU,  18.  Tennessee,  19.  Liberty,  20.  Auburn,  21.  Arkansas,  22.  North Florida,  23.  Florida,  24.  Georgia Tech,  25.  San Francisco.


College Golf Coaches Association

(Based on final NCAA National Tournament Finish)

1.Pepperdine,  2.  Oklahoma,  3.  Arizona State and Oklahoma State,  5.  Vanderbilt, Florida State, North Carolina and Illinois,  9.  Louisville and Sam Houston,  11.  Arkansas and Texas Tech,  13.  Clemson and Wake Forest,  15.  Georgia Tech,  16.  TCU,  17. Tennessee,  18.  SMU,  19.  Georgia,  20. NC State,  21.  Liberty,  22.  Florida,  23.  Oregon State,  24.  UAB,  25. Texas and San Diego State.