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CampusCollection Day for Victims of Huricane Katrina is set for October 21st. Any Individual or campus organization thatwould like to donate items to victims of Hurricane Katrina are encouraged totake part in this ONE CLEMSON event. Donations can be dropped off at the Palmetto Ballroom on October 21st.




Rules EducationSessions


October marks the start of rules education sessions. Compliance Services will be working witheach sport to set up a time and date to go over NCAA legislation andinterpretations. If your sport has notalready set up a meeting time and date please contact Jess Rigler inCompliance.

Staff Designation Forms


If you have not already, pleasecomplete and return your “Staff Designation Form” to Compliance Services.


Forms Available On-Line


The following forms are nowavailable on-line for coaches to print off and fill out: Practice Log,Telephone Log, Squad List Change Form.


New Staff Members


If you have any newcoaches on your respective staffs that have not taken the NCAA Recruiting Exam,please have those new coaches contact Stephanie Ellison to set up a time totake the exam. Here is a link to thepractice exam:



RecentInterpretations-Recruiting Materials


Q:Is it permissible to attach recruiting materials not listed in Bylaw 13.4.1(e.g., schedule cards, student-athlete handbook) to general correspondence (asblack and white attachments) and/or electronic mail sent to prospects if suchmaterials are posted on the institution’s Web site pursuant to Bylaw


A:No. The legislation specifically precludes an institution from providing anymaterials posted on the institution’s Web site to prospects, unless thematerial appears in the list in Bylaw 13.4.1. This includes providing suchitems as black and white attachments to general correspondence and asattachments to electronic mail.







Q:Is it permissible to include the institution’s schedule in the text of generalcorrespondence or electronic mail?


A:Yes. The legislation precludes an institution from sending an actual schedulecard to the prospect in such a manner, but does not preclude the institution’sschedule from appearing in such correspondence. However, it is not permissibleto print out a schedule thatappears on

the Web site andattach it to general correspondence or electronic mail.


Q:Is it permissible to print information obtained from noninstitutional Web sites(e.g., media Web sites) and provide such materials to prospects as black andwhite attachments to general correspondence or as attachments to electronicmail?


A:Yes. Materials from other sources (e.g., newspaper or Web site articles) may beprovided in such a manner, provided the materials are not also posted on aninstitution’s Web site. If such materials are posted on the institution’s Website, the materials may not be printed in black and white and sent to prospectsor sent as attachments to electronic mail.


Q:Is it permissible to include an electronic link(s) to recruiting materialsposted on the institution’s Web site in electronic mail sent to prospects?Further, is it permissible to provide electronic links to articles or materialslocated on noninstitutional Web sites?


A:Yes. The provision of electronic links to prospects is permissible. Such linksmay be included in general correspondence or electronic mail.


Q:In the event an institution posts its camp brochures and other items listed inBylaw 13.4.1 on its institutional Web site, is it permissible to send suchmaterials directly to prospects?


A:Yes. Camp brochures and other materials specifically listed in Bylaw 13.4.1 maybe provided directly to prospects. All items listed in Bylaw 13.4.1, exceptgame programs, may be provided directly to prospects via mail or may beprovided electronically.


Interpretation of the Month


It is permissible for a institution’s web site or anathletics department staff member’s personal web site to include informationrelated to the institution’s athletics programs and a hyperlink to theinstitution’s athletics web site, provided neither the institution’s web sitenor the athletics department staff member’s personal web site contains: (1)information regarding prospective student-athletes, except as permitted underBylaw 13.11.8; (2) any hyperlink to the web site of a recruiting/scoutingservice or a noninstitutional publication that reports primarily on theinstitution’s athletics program; (3) recruiting videos or other audio/videomaterials, except as permitted under Bylaw