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We would like to wish all our teams participating in ACC Championships the best of luck.


Congratulations to rowing’s II Varsity 8 being named ACC Crew of the Week for March 21.


Rowing will host the 2005 ACC Rowing Championships on Saturday, April 23 beginning at 9 a.m. Please come out and show your support and remember to wear ORANGE!


Good luck to all our student-athletes as they prepare for final exams. Exam week is April 30-May 7, 2005.




Recently we have received several requests for autographs and donations of various items. Please be reminded that all requests must go through Tim Match. 656-2911 or


Jess Rigler is now settled in his role as compliance coordinator. His email address is and his direct office number is 864-656-6582.


Jess and Stephanie will be out of the office May 1-2 attending the ACC Compliance Directors’ Meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina. If you have questions during that time please contact Becky Bowman.


As a reminder, please contact Jess and schedule a time and date for your team’s end of the year meeting. This meeting will cover summer employment and outside summer competition, if applicable to your sport.


It’s that time of year again to begin preparing for the 2005-06 NCAA Coaches’ Certification Exam. The NCAA has additional practice tests available on their website:


The test is scheduled for Friday, June 3, 2005. Lindsey Babcock, who serves as the conference office’s assistant director of compliance, will administer the test.


Please note the dates and times for your staff’s May rules education meeting. All sessions will be held in the McFadden team room.


­      May 9, 9-10: M. Soccer, M. Track, Swimming, W. Tennis

­      May 9, 10-11: M. Basketball, Golf, Volleyball

­      May 9, 11-12: Baseball, Rowing, W. Soccer

­      May 11, 9-10: M. Tennis

­      May 11, 10-11: W. Track

­      TBA: Football and W. Basketball



With the end of the academic year quickly approaching please begin thinking about your teams athletic scholarships for the upcoming academic year. We would like to provide financial aid with all nonrenewals, reductions and renewals. Compliance services will need a letter from the head coach for each nonrenewal or deduction. In preparing renewals, please provide a list of names and the student- athlete’s CUID. Our goal is to have this information available to financial aid no later than Friday, June 17, 2005.






Final dates for prospects to sign a National Letter of Intent are approaching.

Basketball: May 18, 2005

Soccer and all other sports: August 1, 2005

NCAA Coaches’ Exam Review


1) True or False. An institution’s camp or clinic brochure may be placed in periodicals such as a high school, two-year college or nonscholastic game program.


A: False, NCAA Bylaws and


2) A prospect may take a maximum of expense paid visits to any Division I and Division II institution while in high school, with no more than one permitted per institution and regardless of whether the prospect is involved in more than one spot.


A: Five, NCAA Bylaw


3) In regard to the renewal or nonrenewal of athletics aid, which statement is required of the institution to provide to a student-athlete?


A: Notification must be made on or before July 1 prior to the academic year, in which the reduction or nonrenewal is to become effective, must be in writing and must come from the institution’s regular financial aid authority, NCAA Bylaw


4) True or False. If a prospect has signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI), it is permissible for an institution to mail a game program to the prospect.


A: False. Game programs (which may not include posters) may be provided to prospects only during official and unofficial recruiting visits and may not be mailed, NCAA Bylaw 13.4.1-g.




I had a prospect on an official visit. Due to the short notice of scheduling the visit we were unable to mail the official visit information. So we provided the prospect with their letter, itinerary and student-athlete code of conduct upon arrival. We wanted to dress the information up and made copies of the information on orange and purple paper. Is this a violation?


Yes. Copying the itinerary and code of conduct on colored paper is a secondary violation. NCAA legislation requires all attachments to general correspondence to be copied on white paper with black ink, NCAA Bylaw 13.4.1. Providing materials upon arrival is permissible.


I had a home visit with a prospect a week ago. During that visit I carried a team jersey and a few newspaper clippings and information about the Clemson area. I did not leave the jersey or have it personalized and had a few clippings in a file folder. Is this a violation?


No. An interpretation based on NCAA Bylaw 13.4 permits institutions to show materials other than newspaper articles provide they are not left in the home. Additionally, this interpretation allows a coach to show clipping provide they are not compiled into an organized format, such as a portfolio or scrapbook.