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Congratulations to all involved on a successful 30-year celebration of women’s sports.


Congratulations to men’s basketball on winning three consecutive ACC games, the first time since the 2002-03 season, and a great win over Virginia Tech! The game winning play was ranked Number 1 on ESPN Sports Center‘s Top 10 for March 1st.




Jess Rigler begins his first day as the compliance coordinator on Monday, March 14. Please stop by and make him welcome.


Compliance services will send out reminders for this month’s rules education sessions. All sports previously scheduled for March 14 and 17 please contact Emily Kuivila to reschedule.


Fall 2005 will bring about changes to the university’s curriculum. One change is a decrease in total credit hours required for degree completion. All colleges have been asked to decrease their credit hours to 120 with a few exceptions.


All 2005-06 incoming freshmen must follow the new curriculum. Transfer students will have an option of following the new curriculum or the curriculum that was in effect at the time they entered their previous institution provided they were enrolled continuously.


Spring break is March 21-25. Please remind student-athletes that the athletic department policy requires all student-athletes, including walk-ons, remaining on campus for practice or competition to eat in the open dining hall (Clemson House) during spring break.


Please provide Kathy Gentry with a list of names and dates of student-athletes eating on campus no later than Tuesday, March 15. Only those listed will receive a meal. Athletics will not pay for anyone whose name does not appear on the list.



APR is here! On February 28, the NCAA released to the public all Division I APR scores. As an institution, Clemson scored a 960, which is above the 925 cut score and Division I average of 948.


According to the NCAA, seven percent of all Division I teams would have been subjected to contemporaneous financial aid penalties beginning in 2005-06. Contemporaneous penalties will not be implemented until next year.



I had a group of junior prospective student-athletes visit campus this weekend for an unofficial visit. The prospects participated in the campus tour and toured our athletics facilities. Before they left


we had a late lunch at the Pot Belly Deli. I didn’t pay for their meals! Is this a violation?


A: Yes. We have conducted an impermissible off-campus contact with a junior. NCAA legislation only allows off-campus contacts with juniors once during the month of April. This contact must occur on the prospect’s high school campus. Thereafter, during the prospect’s senior year, not more than three of the seven recruiting opportunities may be off-campus contacts at any site.


I received a call from a principal at a school for abused and neglected children. He mentioned that he has a tenth-grade student that is interested in attending a summer camp at Clemson, but does not have the money. I told the principal that I would offer free admission to my camp because of the student’s circumstances. Is this a violation?


A: Yes. NCAA legislation prohibits institutions, members of its staff or representatives of its athletics interest to provide free or reduced admission privileges to high school or two-year college athletics award winners. However, members of the student’s community may work together and assist him with money for camp, provided they are not affiliated with Clemson in any capacity.


I received a telephone call from a junior prospect this afternoon and he left a message for me to call him back. That evening after practice I returned his call and spoke to the prospect and his parents. Is this a violation?


A: No. NCAA Bylaw 13.01.6 now permits all sports except football to make one telephone call during the month of March to junior prospects. In addition, all sports except football may make one in-person contact in April on the prospect’s high school campus.




Q: Is it permissible to reduce or cancel a student-athlete’s athletically related financial aid during the period of the award based on his or her request for permission to contact another four-year institution?


A: No. Requesting permission to contact other four-year institutions does not constitute a student-athlete voluntarily withdrawing from the team.


Q: An athlete on a spring team does not pass six hours this spring. Is that athlete eligible for competition held after the semester ends?


A: No. A student-athlete that fails to complete six hours in the spring semester will become ineligible on the date of that terms graduation.