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All-ACC Honors

Volleyball: Leslie Finn (1st team), Lori Ashton (2nd team)

Brittany Ross (Freshman team)

Men’s Soccer: Stuart Holden (2nd team), Justin Moore (2nd team)

Steven Rhyne (2nd team), Nathan Sturgis (Freshman team)

Men’s Cross Country: Itay Magidi and Derrick Wyatt


Congratulations to…

Football on a 29-7 victory against the University of South Carolina.


Volleyball on the upset victory against #1 seed Georgia Tech in the ACC volleyball championships quarter finals.



Please note the dates and times for your staff’s December rules education meeting. All sessions will be held in the McFadden team room.


­      Dec. 6, 9:00-10:00: W. Basketball, Rowing, Swimming, W. Tennis

­      Dec.13, 9:00-10:00: Golf, M. Tennis

Dec.13, 10:00-11:00: M. Soccer, Volleyball

­      Dec.15, 8:30-9:30: Baseball, M. Basketball

­      Dec.15, 9:30-10:30: W. Soccer, W. Track, M. Track



Please remind student-athletes remaining on campus for Thanksgiving break that they cannot eat in the dining hall if they have received meal money.


Compliance services will mail orange tiger paw applications to recent signees once copies of the signed athletic aid agreement and offer of athletics aid are received. Please make sure the high school information is complete on the offer of aid form. Compliance needs that information to contact signees’ high school guidance counselors.



The ACC met with compliance staff members on November 15-16, 2004 in Greensboro. The meeting covered a review of recent NCAA proposals and a follow-up on recommendations approved by the NCAA Task Force on Recruiting.


Use of nonpersonalized recruiting aids during recruiting visit: Anything provided or displayed during a prospect’s visit cannot be personalized. This includes banners on facilities welcoming prospects to campus. Facilities and rooms should not be decorated and should look the same as they do throughout the year. To reinforce a commitment to treating prospects as regular guest, athletic staff members may not have access to prospect’s hotel rooms prior to their arrival.


Prospects may have their photographs taken in the team’s jersey provided it is not personalized and photos are not given to the prospects or used to publicize the visit.


Standard Meals: Institutions cannotprovide multiple entrees to prospects and their parents while on an official visit. This is considered excessive.



Prospects arriving late in the evening may be provided a meal (i.e., drive-thru or pick up pizza) without triggering the start of the 48-hour period.

Hosting duties: Student hosts cannot be used. Hosting is considered any activity where a student is entertaining or escorting a prospect. Students may assist with administrative duties such as stuffing envelopes, collecting unofficial visit money, handing out complimentary admissions, etc. Clearly the NCAA standard now is to use student-athletes as hosts or campus hosts that would show other potential students around campus.


Student managers participating in some types of hosting activities: Student employees (including managers) cannot be utilized as student-hosts during the official visit process.




Q: Are teams required to take a day off during the week of Thanksgiving break?


A: Yes. If a vacation period occurs during any part of a week in which classes are in session daily and weekly hour limitations apply for the portion of the week when classes are in session. Student-athletes must have a day off (see Bylaw, which may be a vacation day. [NCAA Bylaw, November 9, 2004]


Q: A prospect will make an official visit the weekend prior to Thanksgiving break. Is it permissible to fly them home, having flown them in from their educational institution?


A: Yes. An institution may provide transportation costs for a prospect to return to his/her home after an official visit that started at the prospect’s educational institution, provided the cost of transportation is the same or less than the return trip to the prep school. [NCAA Bylaw, November 9, 2004]. Please provide compliance services with cost estimates prior to securing flights.


Q: Is it permissible for a coach to invite a student-athlete or the entire team over for Thanksgiving dinner?


A: Yes. A student-athlete or the entire team may receive an occasional meal on an infrequent and special occasion from an institutional staff member. The meal must be provided in an individual’s home (as opposed to a restaurant) and may be catered. [NCAA Bylaw].


Q: Does the National Merit Scholarship count toward an individual’s financial aid total? Yes. The scholarship counts towards individual limits. Does it count toward the team’s financial aid total? No. The scholarship does not count towards the team limit. [NCAA Staff Interpretation, December 23, 1987].


Q: Is it permissible for a student-athlete whose transfer request was denied by their original institution to walk-on? Are they eligible?


A: Yes. The student-athlete may walk on to the team, but they are eligible for practice ONLY. They must serve one academic year in residence before they are eligible for athletic financial aid and competition. [NCAA Bylaw, ACC October 1, 2004].