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Clemson Millionaire Quiz

Sept. 12, 2000

Compliled by Dr. Harold VigodskyThe Missouri Game Program – September 9, 2000

$100 Missouri’s nickname is the: A) Wildcats B) Tigers C) Lions D) Cougars

$200 Clemson first played Missouri in the 1949: A) Gator Bowl B) Orange Bowl C) Cotton Bowl D) Sugar Bowl

$300 Clemson and Missouri last played each other in: A) 1993 B) 1994 C) 1995 D) 1996

$500 The University of Missouri is located in: A) Columbia B) St. Louis C) Kansas City D) St. Joseph

$1,000 Missouri was formerly a member of which conference: A) Big Eight B) Big Ten C) Southwest D) Western Athletic

$2,000 He participated in more plays last year than any other Tiger: A) Kyle Young B) Keith Adams C) John McDermott D) Robert Carswell

$4,000 He led the Tigers in all-purpose yardage last season: A) Woodrow Dantzler B) Brian Wofford C) Rod Gardner D) Travis Zachery

$8,000 Last season Clemson outscored their opponents in every quarter except the: A) First B) Second C) Third D) Fourth

$16,000 Which one of the following was 2 of 2 passing last year: A) Ryan Romano B) Rod Gardner C) Tucker Hamrick D) Tony Lazzara

$32,000 He was the only Clemson running back to catch a TD pass last season: A) Travis Zachery B) Bernard Rambert C) Vince Ciurciu D) Terry Witherspoon

$64,000 Missouri’s football field is named for legendary coach: A) Hayden Fry B) Don Faurot C) Darrell Royal D) Biggie Munn

$125,000 Which one of the following did not rush for at least 100 yards in Clemson’s 34-0 win over Missouri in 1950: A) Billy Hair B) Jackie Calvert C) Fred Cone D) Ray Mathews

$250,000 He hold the Clemson career record of 122 consecutive passes without throwing an interception: A) Steve Fuller B) Mike Eppley C) Chris Morocco D) Rodney Williams

$500,000 In Clemson’s undefeated home season of 1974, he was the only freshman to start all 11 games: A) Thad Allen B) Jeff Mills C) Lacy Brumley D) Steve Gibbs

For $1 Million Who was the holder when Jack Miller kicked the deciding field goal vs. Missouri in the 1949 bowl game? A) Jim Miller B) Bobby Gage C) John Poulos D) Bob Martin

Answers: $100 – B $200 – A $300 – D $500 – A $1000 – A $2000 – C $4000 – B $8000 – D $16000 – B $32000 – C $64000 – B $125000 – A $250000 – D $500000 – B $1 Million – A