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Clemson-Illinois Coaches Quotes

May 27, 2000

Illinois Coach Itch Jones

“It was a game where we got good pitching early on but Clemson did a great job of taking advantage of a few passed balls and other mistakes. They really did not get a big hit until the eighth inning and up until that time they really scrounged hard to get their runs. That is a tribute to the type of ball club Clemson is. When you are playing a team as good as Clemson you can not afford to make the mistakes and walk the number of people we did today.

We are used to playing doubleheaders because we have to play them every Saturday during the season. We are used to having to come back and play the second game of a doubleheader after we have lost the first game. We did a week ago in our conference tournament and that is just part of the game.”

Clemson Coach Jack Leggett

“I thought we played well in a couple different areas. Even though we only had six hits, I thought we put the ball in play and hit the ball hard. Their defense kept them in the ballgame for a while. They are a good solid baseball team.

“Kevin Lynn did an exceptional job in relief. We went tohim earlier in the game than we have in the past, but I felt at that point we needed to make a change. Kevin has versatility because he can start for you or come out of the bullpen. When he is throwing low strikes he is very effective. If he is throwing his change-up down low and his fastball at the knees you know he is going to have a good game.

Justin did a great job when he got in the ballgame and delivered the triple with the bases loaded. That was very big for us. His hit in the 8th inning allowed us to loosen up a bit and get more confidence in ourselves.”