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Clemson hosts Resume Workshop

Clemson hosts Resume Workshop

By Colby Lanham || Clemson Athletic Communications

In late October, Clemson Athletics collaborated with the Michelin Career Center to host a resume workshop for sophomore student-athletes. A part of the career development plan, the workshop provided sophomore student athletes the opportunity to begin building or improving upon their resumes for prospective internship and job applications.

“The workshop allows the sophomore to keep things still fresh on their minds and gives them the opportunity to have a good grasp on everything they’ve done and continue to build on it and update their resume as they gain experience,” Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Development Kyra Lobbins said.

The workshop consisted of two 45-minute sessions, with Clemson’s various athletic teams assigned for one of the two sessions. These sessions involved Newman and several of her co-workers from the Michelin Career Center rotating between five tables of students athletes, focusing on certain sections of the resume and providing athletes with how they can use their experiences in their respective sports as valuable work opportunities.

To assist with building the resume, the athletic department and the Michelin Career Center provided the student-athletes with a resume template of a prospective student-athlete applying for an internship or job. Student athletes filled out the templates provided for them by the Career Center, took notes, and many brought their own laptops to build and update their own resumes online.

“It’s great for students to start these exercises early since you never know when you’ll need a resume,” Director of Career Development Julie Newman said. “It allows them to keep building their freshman through senior years and have snapshots of their experience.

“Kyra was wonderful in collaborating this with us. Leadership experience is a great selling point for athletes. What they do as a captain or a team leader, their teamwork and cooperation, is important. All the time they put into balancing schoolwork and athletics is amazing. There is a lot they have to build a resume with. We’re just excited to show them what they can do and how they can do it.”

An elementary education major, Clemson diver Sarah Braum thought the workshop was a great start to preparing for her future career once she graduates and interviewing for different teaching positions.

“I had a resume before, but it wasn’t very well organized,” Braum said. “This event made it a lot more helpful of where to put and organize everything and how to tailor it for each job.”

The workshop was almost like an interview in itself, as supervisors from both the athletic department and the Michelin Career Center helped student athletes better define what to include on their resumes. Sections covered by the supervisors in the workshop included community service, leadership, objective, relevant course work and summary of skills.

“This event showed me some new things to do when building my resume and how much it will help me in the future when applying for jobs and other positions,” football tight end Jordan Leggett said.

Just like Braum, women’s soccer player Paige Reckert already had her own resume and internship experience. A graphic communication major, Reckert appreciated how this workshop allowed her a chance to not only improve her own resume but also to realize the skills she uses and gains on a daily basis as a student-athlete.

“Just having the ability to put something on a resume like being a Division I athlete is certainly different and it can definitely help separate ourselves since we have to manage our time in so many different aspects than a regular college student,” Reckert said.